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August 25, 1924. 

Genealogical Notes 

Collected by 

George Lockhart Rives 

(Privately Printed) 

New York 

Ubc •fcnicfccrboclier f>ttee, Wtw Both 


On February 17, 17 $6, my great- great- grand- 
father, Anthony Aufrere, of Norfolk, in England, 
married Miss Anna Norris. One of her relatives 
was a certain Anthony Norris, of Barton, in Norfolk, 
who compiled what he called an " Extract from the 
Parentalia of Mr. Norris of Barton." Upon the 
death of this Mr. Norris in 1785, the manuscript 
came into the possession of my great-grandfather, 
Anthony Aufrere, the younger, son of the Anthony 
who married Miss Norris. He made some correc- 
tions and additions to the manuscript about 1830, 
and added interesting accounts of his own family 
and of the Lockhart family, into which he had married. 
The papers passed into the possession of his son, 
George Anthony Aufrere, and after the death of the 
latter in 188 1 came into my possession. 

I have thought it woidd be interesting to members 
of my immediate family to have copies of these ac- 
counts of some of their ancestors; and, for the sake 
of completeness, following my great-grandfather's ex- 
ample, I have prefixed notes of the other families from 
which we are descended, or with which I am connected 


iv Preface 

by marriage. This little volume makes no pretence 
to completeness, but it may be useful to those who 
care to pursue further genealogical enquiries. 

G. L. R. 

New York, 

January, IQI4. 

Genealogical Notes 


Memoranda Concerning the Families 


Rives, Cabell, Walker, and Nelson of Vir- 
ginia; Barclay and De Lancey of New York; 
Aufrere of Norfolk in England; Lockhart of 
Scotland; Kean of New Jersey; and Whiting of 


Of the Rives Family 

The origin of this family seems to be in a good 
deal of doubt. The late Alexander Brown, in 
his book The Cabells and their Kin, to which 
I shall have frequent occasion to refer, says that 
the first of the name came over somewhere between 
1649 and 1659 from England and settled first 
" at or near Blandford in Surry County, Virginia." x 
Mr. Brown asserts, without giving any authority 
for it, that the family came from near Blandford 
in Dorsetshire, England. There certainly was 
a family whose name is usually spelled Ryves at 
Damory Court in Dorsetshire, whose pedigree 
is set out at considerable length in Hutchins's 
History of Dorset, where the name is sometimes 
spelled Reves. Whether, as a matter of fact, the 
American family had any connection with the 
English family referred to, it is now probably im- 
possible to determine. 

At any rate, the descendants of the original 
emigrant seem to have become rather obscure 
farmers in Southeastern Virginia and North 
Carolina, where many of the name still, I believe, 
remain. 'f\ •:; ; > '^ ' • • 

1 There is no place now known as Blandford in Virginia, so 
that it is probable the name of the locality has been changed. 

X (\| , ov^ <w4aa~OaA*{ 

4 Genealogical Notes 

My great-grandfather Robert Rives was the son 
of William Rives of Sussex County, Virginia (who 
died about 1775), an d Lucy Shands his wife (born 
January 20, 1741, N. S.), a daughter of William 
and Priscilla Shands also of Sussex County. 
Robert Rives was born March 11, 1764, joined the 
Continental Army in 1781 when seventeen years 
old, and served as a private at Yorktown. He 
had always, it seems, the reputation of being an 
extremely energetic young man. He worked in 
a country store, gradually made his way in life, 
and ultimately became one of the principal mer- 
chants of Richmond. 

On January 25, 1790, he married Miss Mar- 
garet Jordan Cabell (born December 25, 1770), a 
daughter of Colonel William Cabell of Union Hill, 
Virginia. There was a tradition in the family 
that this was a runaway marriage; but from the 
facts related in Mr. Alexander Brown's book above 
referred to this seems hardly likely. * Mrs. Robert 
Rives died in her forty-fifth year on August 19, 
1815. I shall give an account of the Cabell family 

Mr. Robert Rives (according to Mr. Alexander 
Brown) "was a small man about five feet nine 
inches high, well set; very neat in dress; very 
inquisitive and talkative; very polite; very hos- 
pitable; very much respected by all who knew 
him; and very much beloved by his slaves, of 
whom he owned a very large number." He 

1 The Cabells and their Kin (Boston, 1895), 216-219. 

The Rives Family 5 

died (according to the inscription on his tomb- 
stone) on March 9, 1845, when he was within two 
days of being eighty-one years old, and was buried 
near his house, Oak Ridge, Nelson County, 
Virginia, now the property of Mr. Thomas F. 
Ryan. This house Mr. Rives built about 1802 
upon land which his wife inherited from her 
father. The house is still in existence, but has 
been much enlarged by the present owner. 

Robert Rives, by his wife Margaret Jordan 
Cabell, had eleven children. 

1. Landon Cabell Rives, born October 24, 1790, 
married April 26, 1815, Anna Maria Towles of 
Lynchburg, Virginia. He subsequently studied 
medicine in Philadelphia, graduating from the 
University of Pennsylvania in 1829, when he re- 
moved with his family to Cincinnati, Ohio, and 
died there June 3, 1870, at the age of nearly eighty 
years. He had four children. 

i. Margaret Rives, who married Rufus King 
of Cincinnati and died without issue. 

ii. Anna Maria Rives, who married Joseph 
Longworth and had three children, viz.: Nicho- 
las Longworth (1844 to 1890, whose son Nicholas 
Longworth married Alice Roosevelt); Landon 
Rives Longworth who died unmarried; and 
Maria Longworth who married, first, George 
Ward Nichols (by whom she had issue) and 
after his death, Bellamy Storer (at one time 
American Ambassador in Vienna) . 

iii. Landon Cabell Rives, Jr., a physician 
and surgeon in the Confederate States Army. 

Genealogical Notes 

He died of pneumonia during the war. He was 
married, but seems to have left no issue. 

iv. Edward Rives, also a physician and sur- 
geon in the Confederate States Army and after- 
wards a physician in Ohio, where he married but 
died without issue. x 

2. Margaret Jordan Rives was born at Union 
Hill, January 9, 1792, and died January 17, 1862, 
unmarried. Her mother having died when she 
was twenty-three years old, she continued to 
manage her father's household and resided in his 
house after his death. Mr. Ryan, the present 
owner of Oak Ridge, tells me that he lived in the 
neighborhood when a boy and that he well remem- 
bers Miss Margaret, generally called "Miss Peggy" 
Rives, and her kind but masterful ways. 

3. William Cabell Rives was born at Union 
Hill, May 4, 1793. On March 24, 1819, he married 
Miss Judith Page Walker of Albemarle County 
(see Walker Family below), and my father was 
their eldest son. 

4. Lucy Shands Rives was born at Warminster, 
Nelson County, Virginia, November 18, 1794, and 
died March 30, 1872. She was married at Oak 
Ridge on April 27, 18 19, to Alexander Brown, a 
Scotchman. Of this marriage there were three 
children, viz. : 

i. Robert Lawrence Brown, who was twice 
married and left eleven children, the eldest of 
whom, Alexander Brown, was the author of the 

1 For further particulars about Dr. Landon Cabell Rives and 
his descendants see Brown, 403-406. 

The Rives Family 7 

book The Cabells and their Kin heretofore 
referred to. 

ii. Margaret Brown, who married Rt. Rev. 
Richard H. Wilmer, Bishop of Alabama, and 
had issue, — one of her sons being Dr. W. H. Wil- 
mer, the well-known oculist of Washington, D. C. 

iii. Elizabeth Brown, who married Rev. 
Richard Kidder Meade, by whom she had ten 
children. * 

5. Paulina Cabell Rives, born March 11, 1796. 
In March, 1814, she married Major Richard Pollard, 
U. S. A., by whom she had nine children. One of 
her sons was Edward Alfred Pollard, well known as 
the Southern Historian of the Civil War. Mrs. 
Pollard died in 1858 leaving a large number of 
descendants surviving her. 2 

6. Robert Rives, Jr., born May 17, 1798, and 
married in 1841 Elizabeth Pannill of Virginia. He 
held various local offices and died in 1869 leaving 
one daughter who married and had issue. 3 

7. Henry Rives, born October 28, 1799, died 
at Oak Ridge, October 16, 1833, unmarried. He 
is said to have been a successful lawyer. 

8. James B. Rives was born February 5, 1801, 
and died July 25, 1 816. Of him I know nothing 
more than above facts which appear on his tomb- 
stone at Oak Ridge. 

9. George Rives was born April 24, 1802. He 
was twice married ; first, to Mary Eliza Carter who 
died March 23, 1839, and second to Maria Farley 

1 See as to the descendants of Mrs. Brown, Brown's The 
Cabells and their Kin, 425-433. 

2 For further details see Brown, 433-438. 
J Ibid., 438. 

8 Genealogical Notes 

Tucker, a daughter of Professor George Tucker 
of the University of Virginia. Mr. George Rives 
died at his house " Sherwood, " Albemarle County, 
Virginia, August 13, 1874. He left descendants by 
both wives. 1 

10. Elizabeth Rives, born December 20, 1803, 
died in infancy September 15, 1804. 

11. Alexander Rives was born June 17, 1806. 
He was a lawyer of distinction in Virginia and be- 
came a Judge of the Supreme Court of Appeals in 
1856, an office he held, it seems, but a short time. 
He was remarkable in Virginia as being a strong 
Union man during the war and bitterly opposed to 
secession. Shortly after the war he was appointed, 
by President Grant, Judge of the United States 
District Court for the Western District of Virginia. 
He was twice married, first, to Isabella Bachem 
Wydown, by whom he had ten children. She 
died March 24, 1861. On May 29, 1862, he married 
Sally Kearsley Watson, who survived him. He 
died at Charlottesville, December 15, 1885, in his 
eightieth year. 2 

William Cabell Rives, the third child and second 
son of Robert Rives and Margaret Jordan Cabell 
his wife, was born at his grandfather Cabell's 
house of Union Hill on May 4, 1793, and was 
married, as above stated, to Judith Page Walker 
on March 24, 1819. Through this marriage 
Mr. Rives attained a local position of considerable 

1 For further details see Brown, 439-422. 

2 For further particulars as to the numerous descendants of 
Alexander Rives see Brown, 442-446. 

The Rives Family 9 

consequence — his wife, who was an orphan, being 
the owner of a large estate in Albemarle County — 
so that by the time he was twenty-six years old 
he represented what were regarded as important 
interests in his part of the country. Previous to 
his marriage he had studied law and had been 
more or less under the guidance and influence of 
ex-President Jefferson who, since 1809, had resided 
continuously near Charlottesville. There is in the 
possession of one of Mr. Rives's descendants a let- 
ter of introduction (never presented) from Thomas 
Jefferson to John Adams, in which he speaks of 
Mr. Rives as "my young Sieve." 

Mr. Rives in view of his position and education 
rapidly assumed a conspicuous place in the politics 
of that time. He first represented Nelson, his 
native county, in the Virginia House of Delegates ; 
and subsequently sat for Albemarle County, where 
his wife's property was situated, for five years. 
He was next, for six years, from 1823 to 1829, a 
member of the U. S. House of Representatives; 
and when Andrew Jackson became President of the 
United States Mr. Rives was appointed Minister 
to France, an office he held until 1832. When he 
was presented at Court, Charles X. was still on 
the throne, but soon afterwards the revolution of 
July, 1830, broke out and Louis Philippe became 
King of the French. 

Immediately after Mr. Rives's return to Vir- 
ginia in the Autumn of 1832, he was elected to the 
United States Senate and remained there until 

io Genealogical Notes 

the end of Tyler's administration, March, 1845, 
with the exception of a short interval. He had 
resigned in 1834 because he was unwilling to obey 
instructions of the Virginia Legislature in reference 
to the restoration of the public deposits to the 
Bank of the United States, but he was re-elected 
in 1835 and again in 1839. J Although Mr. Rives 
had been a strong Democrat, first under the influ- 
ence of Jefferson and then as a follower and sup- 
porter of Jackson, he became opposed to the 
policy of the Democratic party adopted during 
Van Buren's administration in reference to the 
establishment of an Independent Treasury; and 
he headed a small group who were more or less in 
sympathy with Tyler's administration. Mr. Rives 
opposed the annexation of Texas, and when Polk 
was nominated as President professed himself a 
Whig, and continued with that party as long as 
it existed. In 1849 he was appointed by Presi- 
dent Taylor Minister to France for a second time, 
and continued there until General Pierce became 
President in 1853. In 1861 he was one of the 
five commissioners sent from Virginia to the so- 
called Peace Congress, which met in Washington, 
February 4, 1861. On July 20, 1861, he was 
elected one of the members from Virginia to the 
Confederate Congress and continued in that office 
until the end of the war. 

1 Political details as to the changes in representation of Vir- 
ginia in the U. S. Senate during these years are set out at length 
in Tyler's Letters and Times of the Tylers. 

The Rives Family n 

He died at Castle Hill, April 25, 1868, being then 
just short of seventy-five years of age. He was 
short in stature, "with a fair complexion, chestnut 
hair, blue eyes, and handsome features." He 
had a reputation in his day as an effective pub- 
lic speaker, and left behind him a book, which was 
not entirely completed at the time of his death, 
The Life and Times of James Madison, con- 
taining a valuable account of the Federal Con- 
vention of 1787. 

By his marriage with Miss Walker he left five 
surviving children. 

1. Francis Robert Rives (named after his two 
grandparents Francis Walker and Robert Rives), 
born at Castle Hill, February 16, 1822, married 
May 16, 1848, Matilda Antonia Barclay. As to 
them and their descendants see below. 

2. William Cabell Rives, Jr., born at Castle 
Hill, December 19, 1825; educated under succes- 
sive private tutors or at private schools in France 
and the United States; at the University of Vir- 
ginia, 1 842-1 845; and at the Harvard Law School 
in 1 845- 1 847, where he received the degree of LL.B. 
He commenced the practice of law in Virginia, but 
his legal career was interrupted by his marriage to 
Grace Winthrop Sears of Boston, in May, 1849. 
He died suddenly, and apparently painlessly, in 
Washington, D. C, April 7, 1889. 

His wife (Grace Winthrop Sears, born August 
23, 1828), who survived him, was the daughter of 
David Sears of Boston, Mass. 

12 Genealogical Notes 

William Cabell and Grace Winthrop Rives had 
three children: 

i. William Cabell Rives, born in Paris, France, 
January 10, 1850; studied at Harvard College 
and at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and 
subsequently became a physician. On April 29, 
1876, he married Mary F. Rhinelander of New 
York. No issue. 

ii. Alice Rives, born in Boston, Mass., 
May 6, 1852, and died at Denver, Colo., March 
29, 1887, unmarried. 

hi. Arthur Landon Rives, born in Boston 
November 6, 1853, graduated at Harvard College 
in 1874, and afterwards studied law at the 
Harvard Law School, but never practised the 
profession. He died unmarried. 

3. Alfred Landon Rives, born in Paris, France, 
March 25, 1830, was educated at the Virginia 
Military Institute and the University of Virginia. 
In 1849 he went again to France with his parents, 
entered the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees in 1851, 
and graduated in 1854, with the extra distinction 
of brillamment. Returning home in 1855, he 
obtained a government position as a civil engineer 
at Washington, D. C. He married, February 1, 
1859, Sarah Catherine Macmurdo of Richmond, Va., 
who died at Castle Hill, October 7, 1909. 

When the Civil War began, he became captain 
of engineers, C. S. A., eventually rising to senior 
colonel, and was for three years acting as chief of 
the engineer bureau. After the war he carried on 
his profession in Richmond; was employed as an 
engineer by several railroads; and in 1873 became 
chief engineer and general superintendent of the 

The Rives Family 13 

Mobile and Ohio Railroad, in which employment 
he remained ten years, being promoted to vice- 
president and general manager. He was vice- 
president and general manager of the Richmond 
and Danville Railroad from 1883 to about 1886. 
In 1887, he was appointed chief engineer and general 
manager of the Panama Railroad Company, a 
position he held for about ten years. He died at 
Castle Hill, February 5, 1903. 

Col. Alfred L. Rives and his wife had issue: 

i. Amelie Louise Rives, born 1862, who 
married first John Armstrong Chanler of New 
York; and second Prince Pierre Troubetskoy. 
Has no issue. 

ii. Gertrude Rives, born 1864, married Allen 
Potts on October 17, 1896. Has issue, one son, 
Thomas Rives Potts, born December 10, 1897. 

iii. Sarah Landon Rives, born 1874. 

4. Amelie Louise Rives, born in Paris, France, 
July 8, 1832. She married, May 10, 1854, Henry 
Sigourney of Boston, Mass. While on their way 
to France, her husband, herself, and their three 
youngest children went down at sea with the French 
steamship Ville du Havre, November 22, 1873. 
One son, who had been left behind, survived. He 
was Henry Sigourney, Jr., born February 27, 1855; 
married Louise Agnes Power, and died about 191 1, 
leaving issue. 

5. Ella Rives born September 15, 1834, died 
April 12, 1892, unmarried. 

Francis Robert Rives, the eldest son of William 
Cabell Rives, was born, as above stated, at Castle 

14 Genealogical Notes 

Hill on February 16, 1822. He went with his 
parents to France in 1829, and was educated there 
and in Washington and Virginia. He entered 
the University of Virginia, where he graduated 
with distinction, and in 1842 was appointed by 
President Tyler Secretary of Legation in London 
— Mr. Edward Everett being then the American 
Minister. Mr. Rives continued as Secretary 
until the later part of 1844, when he resigned, 
returning to the United States early in 1845. He 
determined to establish himself in New York to 
practise law; and there he met and married my 
mother, Matilda Barclay, in 1848. (See below as 
to the Barclay Family.) 

He was associated for many years with the late 
Alexander Hamilton (a grandson of Washington's 
Secretary of the Treasury), with whom he re- 
mained on the most friendly terms until his death. 

The breaking out of the Civil War was very 
intensely felt by my father, whose marriage and 
residence of over fifteen years in the North had 
created ties he could not break. At the same time, 
almost all his own near relatives and early friends 
were in the South and deeply involved in the 
conduct of the war. The result was his withdrawal 
from almost all social intercourse with his neigh- 
bors in New York, and from the active practice 
of his profession; and his absorption in the inter- 
ests of his own family. Some years passed after 
the war before he began again to take that part 
in society for which his education and surroundings 

The Rives Family 15 

and his unusual charm of manner very well fitted 

His singularly happy married life was terminated 
by my mother's death on January 25, 1888, — a 
blow from which he never fully recovered. He 
aged fast afterwards, and died at Carnwath, which 
had long been his country residence, on July 18, 
1 89 1, in his seventieth year. 

The descendants of this marriage were: 

1. George Lockhart Rives, born in New York 
City, May i, 1849, of whom hereafter. 

2. Ella Louisa Rives, born in New York City, 
March 8, 1851, married, January 7, 1875, David 
King, son of the late Dr. David King a physician 
of Newport, R. I., who was a son of another Dr. 
David King and Ann Gordon, his wife. Mr. David 
King's mother was Sarah Wheaton, daughter of 
Rev. Salmon Wheaton, for thirty years rector of 
Trinity Church, Newport, R. I., and of his wife, 
Ann Dehon, a sister of Bishop Dehon of South 
Carolina. David King died in Washington, D. C, 
March 8, 1894, leaving issue: 

i. Maud Gwendolen King, born October 2, 
1876; married September 12, 1901, to E. Mait- 
land Armstrong and has issue. 

ii. Philip Wheaton Rives King, born June 12, 
1879; married August 15, 1906, Gertrude Eliza- 
beth Brown, and has no issue. 

3. Francis Robert Rives, Jr., born in New York 
City, January 28, 1853; married (first), April 29, 
1879, Georgia Ann Fellows. She died January 4, 

16 Genealogical Notes 

1880. He married (second), August 25, 1887, 
Frances Agnes Bininger, who is still living. He 
died at Freehold, N. J., January 7, 1890, without 
issue by either marriage. 

4. Maud Antonia Rives, born at Carnwath, 
Dutchess County, N. Y., July 17, 1855; married, 
May 23, 1882, Walker Breese Smith, son of the 
late William Henry Smith, of New York, and his 
wife, Susan Walker of Utica, N. Y. Issue: 

i. Evelyn Rives Smith, born June 15, 1888. 

5. Constance Evelyn Rives, twin sister to the 
above, married, June 24, 1884, John Borland, son of 
Melanchthon Woolsey Borland of Boston and his 
wife Julia Gibson. 1 John Borland died April 17, 
1893, at Washington, D. C, leaving issue: 

i. Maud Rives Borland, born April 14, 1886. 

ii. John Borland, Jr., born October 15, 1887, 
graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy, and 
was commissioned an officer of the U. S. Navy. 
On May 1, 191 1, he married Erminie Marie 
Clark, and has issue. 

iii. Ella Aufrere Borland, born September 
25, 1889. 

6. Reginald William Rives, born in New York 
City, May 18, 1861; graduated from Columbia 
College, 1882. Received the degree of LL.B. from 
Columbia College Law School in 1884, and was 
admitted to the Bar in New York the same year, 
but has never practised law. He married, June 
1, 1887, Mary Caroline Bulkley, daughter of the 

1 For further details see The Borland Family. By Constance 
Borland. (New York, 19 11.) 

The Rives Family 17 

late Edward Henry Bulkley of New York and his 
wife Catharine Wolfe Clark, daughter of Richard 
Smith Clark of New York, by whom he had issue : 

i. Helen Mildred Rives, born May 26, 1888. 
ii. Reginald Bulkley Rives, born April 9, 1890. 

Reginald William Rives obtained (in Nevada) 
a divorce from his wife on September 26, 1912, and 
he married (also in Nevada), Elizabeth (Struthers) 
Taylor, on April 30, 1913. 

George Lockhart Rives, the author of these 
notes, was born (as above stated) on May 1, 1849; 
graduated at Columbia College in 1868; entered 
Trinity College, Cambridge, England, and grad- 
uated there with mathematical honors in January, 
1872; entered the Columbia Law School and 
graduated in June, 1873; was admitted to the 
Bar in New York in 1874, and subsequently 
practised law. Received the degree of M.A. 
from both Columbia College, N. Y., and the 
University of Cambridge, England, and the 
honorary degree of LL.D. from Amherst College 
(19 10) and Princeton University (191 1). Was 
assistant Secretary of State of the United States 
from November 19, 1887, to March 6, 1889; and 
Corporation Counsel of the City of New York 
through the whole of the years 1902 and 1903. 

Married (first) on May 21, 1873, Caroline 
Morris Kean, the eldest child of John Kean of 
Elizabeth, New Jersey, and Lucy (Halsted) Kean 
his wife. (As to the Kean Family, see below.) 

i8 Genealogical Notes 

Caroline Morris (Kean) Rives died March 29, 
1887, leaving one child. 

1. George Barclay Rives, born at No. 147 East 
2 1 st Street, New York, on June 19, 1874. He 
graduated at Princeton University in the Class of 
1896. He married, April 24, 1900, Elizabeth Emlen 
Hare daughter of J. Montgomery Hare of New York. 
She died July 24, 1900, without issue. Subsequently 
George Barclay Rives entered the U. S. Diplomatic 
Service, and was successively secretary of the Em- 
bassies at Berlin, Vienna, and Rio de Janeiro. He 
acted as Charge d' Affaires for long periods at the two 
latter posts. 

George Lockhart Rives married (second) on 
March 20, 1889, Sara youngest daughter of 
Augustus Whiting and Sarah (Swan) Whiting his 
wife. (As to the Whiting Family, see below.) 

Of this marriage there are two children. 

2. Francis Bayard Rives, born at 12 East 37th 
Street, New York, on January 11, 1890. He 
graduated at Yale University in the class of 1911, 
subsequently spent a year at Trinity College, 
Cambridge, and then entered the Law School of 
Columbia University. 

3. Mildred Sara Rives, born at Rosevale, Narra- 
gansett Avenue, Newport, on July 31, 1893. 

Of the Cabell Family 

The first member of this family who came to 
America was William Cabell, a native of War- 
minster in Wiltshire, England, near the borders 
of Somerset. His father was Nicholas Cabell 
of Warminster who married Rachel Hooper, 
daughter of George Hooper of Frome, Somerset, 
on November 15, 1697. ' 

William Cabell (above mentioned), who was 
born March 20, 1700, N. S., is said to have been 
a surgeon in the British Navy. He settled about 
the year 1724 in Goochland County, Virginia, 
near the James River, and not long after his 
arrival in Virginia married Elizabeth Burks, who 
died September 21, 1756. On September 30, 1762, 
he married Margaret Meredith (widow of Samuel 
Meredith), by whom he had no children; and he 
died April 12, 1774. 2 

By his first wife Dr. Cabell had six children. 

1. Mary Cabell, born February 13, 1727; 
married about 1744 William Horsley and died prior 
to 1760, leaving four children surviving. 

1 An account of the English family so far as can now be ascer- 
tained, will be found in Brown's The Cabells and their Kin, 1-30. 

2 For the various activities of Dr. William Cabell see Brown, 


20 Genealogical Notes 

2. William Cabell, born March 13, 1730, of 
whom hereafter. 

3. Joseph Cabell, born September 19, 1732; 
married in 1752, Mary Hopkins. He died March 
1, 1798, and his wife died July 12, 181 1. He left 
surviving him five children. 

4. John Cabell, born about 1742, married May 
20, 1762, Paulina, daughter of Colonel Samuel Jor- 
dan, who died July 31, 1781. On July 19, 1787, he 
married Elizabeth Brierton Jones, who died October 
16, 1802, without issue. By his first wife, John 
Cabell had ten children. He died in 181 5. 

5. Nicholas Cabell was born October 29, 1750, 
and married Hannah Carrington on April 16, 1772. 
He died August 18, 1803, and his wife died August 
7, 18 1 7. There were ten children of this marriage. 

6. George Cabell, who died young. 

William Cabell the younger above mentioned 
(who was born in 1730), raised a troop of cavalry 
in 1754 an d seems to have taken some part in the 
French War. In 1756 he married Margaret, 
daughter of Colonel Samuel Jordan by his first 
wife Ruth Meredith, of which marriage there were 
seven children. He was for several years a mem- 
ber of the House of Burgesses of Virginia, was ap- 
pointed Colonel of the militia of Albemarle County, 
and was for many years active in various public 
duties. In 1774 and the following years he was 
much engaged in the Revolutionary proceedings 
of the Colony, being a member of the Committee 
on Safety of his County, a member of the Con- 

The Cabell Family 21 

vention which met in Richmond in December, 1775, 
and a member of the Convention which met on 
May 6, 1776. In 1777 he was a State Senator, 
and throughout the Revolutionary War seems to 
have continued active in the business of the State 
and in helping to furnish men and supplies for the 
Continental Army. He was a member of the 
State Convention of 1788 and voted against 
ratification of the Federal Constitution. 

He died March 23, 1798, at his residence at 
Union Hill in Nelson County, where he had an es- 
tate of some thirty thousand acres. His wife, who 
survived him, died at Union Hill in March, 18 12. 

The children of William and Margaret (Jordan) 
Cabell were: 

1. Samuel Jordan Cabell, who was born Decem- 
ber 15, 1756, and served through the greater part 
of the Revolutionary War. He was for eight years 
a member of Congress. On November 15, 1781, 
he married Sarah Syme, who died May 15, 18 14. 
He died August 4, 1818. By this marriage he had 
nine children. 

2. William Cabell was born March 25, 1759, 
and was married on November 21, 1780, to Nancy, 
daughter of Paul Carrington. During the Revolu- 
tionary War he served with the local militia of 
Virginia at Yorktown and elsewhere; succeeded his 
father in the ownership of Union Hill and died 
November 22, 1822. His wife, who survived him, 
died March 30, 1838. Of this marriage there were 
fourteen children. 

22 Genealogical Notes 

3. Paulina Cabell was born about 1763 and 
married Major Edmund Read in 1782. Major 
Read died in December, 1802, and there were no 
surviving children of the marriage. At some time 
about 1808 she married the Rev. Nash LeGrand, 
but the marriage seems to have been unfortunate. 
She died without issue February 5, 1845. 

4. Landon Cabell was born about 1765 and was 
an undergraduate at William and Mary College 
in the Spring of 1781 when the college was closed 
on account of the Revolutionary War. In 1794 
he married Judith Scott Rose, of which marriage 
there were five children. He died in January, 1834. 

5. Hector Cabell was born about 1768 and 
married about 1798 his first cousin Paulina, daugh- 
ter of Colonel John Cabell. He died January 6, 1807, 
apparently without issue. 

6. Margaret Jordan Cabell, born December 
2 5> ^T . was married to Robert Rives, January 
25, 1790. (See above under the Rives Family.) 

7. Elizabeth Carter Cabell, born about 1775, was 
married April 9, 1795, to her first cousin William 
H. Cabell, son of Colonel Nicholas Cabell, by whom 
she had three children. She died November 5, 1801 , 
and her husband subsequently re-married and had 
numerous other children. 

Of the Walker Family" 

This family seems to have come from Stafford- 
shire, England, about 1650. The first member of 
the family whose name has been preserved was 
Thomas Walker of Gloucester County, Virginia, 
who was a member of the Colonial Assembly in 
1662, but not much more is known of him, and 
nothing appears to be known of his children. On 
September 29, 1709, his grandson Thomas Walker 
was married to Susanna Peachy, by whom he had 
three children : 

1. Mary Peachy Walker, born February 10, 1711, 
was married May 24, 1732, to Dr. George Gilmer, 
(whose family subsequently removed to Albemarle 
County, Virginia), and died October 1, 1745. One 
of their descendants was Governor Thomas Walker 
Gilmer. 2 

2. John Walker, born April 29, 171 1, was mar- 
ried and left issue. 

3. Thomas Walker, born in King and Queen 
County, Virginia, January 25, 17 15. 

1 The statements hereinafter contained in reference to this 
family are taken principally from Genealogy of the Page Family 
in Virginia, by Richard Channing Moore Page (2nd edition, 
N.Y., 1893). 

2 Governor Gilmer, when Secretary of the Navy, was killed 
on board the U. S. S. Princeton, February 28, 1844, by the bursting 
of a cannon. 


24 Genealogical Notes 

Little is known of this Thomas Walker's early 
life, but it appears that he was educated at William 
and Mary College and became a physician. In 
1 74 1 Dr. Walker married the widow of Nicholas 
Meriwether, whose maiden name was Mildred 
Thornton. She was the daughter of a first cousin 
of George Washington, and one of her attractions 
was that she owned a large quantity of land in 
Albemarle County, East of Charlottesville, where 
Dr. Walker in 1765 built the house known then 
and now as Castle Hill. J 

In addition to his profession as a physician 
Dr. Walker became a land surveyor, and is best 
known to history as the earliest explorer of the 
Western slopes of the Alleghanies. 2 In 1755 Dr. 
Walker was commissary to the Virginia troops 
which accompanied Braddock in his campaign. 
In 1768 he was appointed a commissioner on the 
part of Virginia to a Congress of the Six Nations 
at Fort Stanwix, New York, where a treaty was 
signed on November 5 in that year; and he was 
again a commissioner to treat with the Ohio 
Indians and was one of the signatories of the treaty 

'Augustine Washington, the father of George Washington, 
had a sister Mildred, who, in 1705, married Roger Gregory. Of 
this marriage there was born Elizabeth Gregory, who married 
Reuben Thornton; and their daughter was Mildred Thornton 
(born in 1721 and married to Nicholas Meriwether in 1738), 
who, in 1 741, when twenty years old, was a widow and married 
Thomas Walker. 

2 See First Explorations of Kentucky: Dr. Thomas Walker's 
Journal (Louisville, 1898). 

The Walker Family 25 

signed at Fort Pitt in 1775. x In 1777 he was a 
member of the Council of the State of Virginia, 
and in 1779 was one of the commissioners to rim 
the boundary line between Virginia and North 

Dr. Thomas Walker's first wife Mildred Thorn- 
ton died November 16, 1778, and was buried at 
Castle Hill. He married secondly, about 1781, 
Elizabeth Thornton (a first cousin of his first wife) 
who survived him. There was no issue of the 
second marriage. 

Dr. Walker died November 9, 1794, being then 
nearly eighty years of age. By his first marriage 
he had twelve children. 2 

1. Mary Walker, born July 24, 1742, married 
Nicholas Lewis about 1760 and left issue. 

2. John Walker, born February 13, 1744, and 
married Elizabeth Moore about 1764. He served 
in the United States army during the Revolution- 
ary War, subsequently became a Senator from 
Virginia, died December 2, 1809, and was buried 
at his house at Belvoir in Albemarle County, Vir- 
ginia. He left but one child, a daughter, who 
married Francis Kinloch of Charleston, South 

3. Susan Walker, born December 14, 1746, 
married Henry Fry in June, 1764, and died leaving 

1 See Report of a Treaty with the Western Indians (Madison, 
Wis., 1908). 

2 For further particulars as to this family see The Genealogy 
of the Page Family in Virginia, 221-234. 

26 Genealogical Notes 

4- Thomas Walker, Jr., born March 17, 1749, 
married about 1774, Margaret Hoops of Carlisle, 
Pa., by whom he had a large number of children. 

5. Lucy Walker, born May 5, 1751, married 
about 177 1 her cousin Dr. George Gilmer of Pen 
Park, Albemarle County, Virginia, and had nine 

6. Elizabeth Walker, born August 1, 1753, 
married about 1773 to Rev. Mathew Maury, by 
whom she had nine children. 

7- Mildred Walker, born June 5, 1755, married 
about 1775, Joseph Hornsby, but died without issue. 

8. Sarah Walker, born March 28, 1758, married 
about 1778 to Colonel Reuben Lindsay and died 
leaving two daughters. 

9. Martha Walker, born May 2, 1760, married 
about 1780, George Divers, and died leaving no 

10. Reuben Walker, born October 8, 1762, 
died in infancy, August 23, 1765. 

1 1 . Francis Walker, born at Castle Hill, June 22, 
1764, of whom hereafter. 

12. Peachy Walker, born at Castle Hill Febru- 
ary 6, 1767, married about 1787 to Joshua Fry of 
Kentucky and left numerous descendants. 

Francis Walker of Castle Hill, the eleventh 
child and fourth and youngest son of Thomas 
Walker, was born, as above stated, at Castle Hill, 
June 22, 1764. In 1798 he married Jane Byrd 
Nelson, the eldest child of Colonel Hugh Nelson 
of Yorktown, Virginia, and Judith Page his wife. 
(See below under the Nelson Family.) He in- 

The Walker Family 27 

herited his father's estate of Castle Hill upon the 
latter' s death in 1794. He was a member of the 
U. S. Congress from 1793 to 1795. He died 
March, 1806, when about forty-two years old, 
leaving surviving his widow and two daughters. 
(He had also one son, Thomas Hugh Walker, born 
in 1800 and died an infant in 1805.) 

The eldest daughter of Francis Walker was 
Jane Frances Walker, born in the Nelson house 
at Yorktown on February 17, 1799, and married in 
Richmond, Virginia, on December 12, 1815 (when 
not quite 17 years old), to Dr. Mann Page of 
Keswick, Albemarle County. Of this marriage 
there were twelve children. 

1. Maria Page, born December 14, 18 16, died 
unmarried, June 15, 1837. 

2. Ella Page, born September 18, 1818, died 
unmarried, November 14, 1882. 

3. Francis Walker Page, born December 17, 1820, 
died July 12, 1846. He married Anna E. Cheseman 
of New York. 

4. Carter Henry Page, born November 21, 1822, 
married Lelia Graham on November 24, 1857, and 
left four children. 

5. John Cary Page, born January 9, 1824, died 
an infant in 1826. 

6. Frederick Winslow Page, born November 
20, 1826, married December 24, 1850, Ann Kinloch 
Meriwether, by whom he had seven children. He 
subsequently married a widow, Lucy Brand, by 
whom he had no issue. 

28 Genealogical Notes 

7. Jane Walker Page, born October 18, 1828, 
died unmarried January 29, 1845. 

8. Mann Page, born May 1, 1831, married 
May 15, 1855, Mary Anna Hobson and died in 
November, 1864, leaving one daughter, who sub- 
sequently married and had issue. 

9. Charlotte Nelson Page, born March 25, 1832, 
died in 1849 unmarried. 

10. William Wilmer Page, born March 31, 1835, 
died November 6, 1857, unmarried. 

11. Thomas Walker Page, born April 18, 1837, 
married May 10, 1861, Nannie Watson Morris, by 
whom he had six children. He died June 5, 1887. 

12. Richard Channing Moore Page, born Janu- 
ary 2, 1841, married April 30, 1874, Mary Elizabeth 
Fitch, widow of Richard Henry Winslow of West- 
port, Connecticut, and died without issue, June 
19, 1898. His wife survived him, and died February 
25. 1905- 

The second daughter of Francis Walker and 
Jane Byrd Nelson his wife was Judith Page Walker, 
born at Castle Hill, March 24, 1802. She was 
married on her 17th birthday, March 24, 18 19, to 
William C. Rives, to whom reference has already 
been made. She resided at Castle Hill during the 
whole of her life, and died there, January 23, 1882, 
being then almost eighty years old. 

Of the Nelson Family 

The first of this family was Thomas Nelson, 
born February 20, 1677, at Penrith, in the County 
of Cumberland, England, the son of Hugh Nelson 
and Sarah his wife. He emigrated to Virginia 
about 1700, settled at Yorktown, and died there 
October 7, 1745. 

About 1 7 10 he married Margaret Reid, by 
whom he had three children, viz : 

1 . William Nelson (see below) . 

2. Mary Nelson, born about 17 13, married 
Edmund Berkeley about 1733, and had five children. 

3. Thomas Nelson, born about 1716, married 
Lucy Armistead about 1745, and died in 1782 at 

Thomas Nelson the emigrant was married a 
second time, about 1721, to Fannie Houston, 
widow of a Mr. Tucker of Bermuda, by whom he 
had one daughter, Sally Nelson, who was married 
about 1742 to Colonel Robin Burwell and had 

William Nelson, the eldest son of Thomas Nel- 
son and Margaret Reid his wife, was born at 
Yorktown in 171 1, and died there November 19, 


30 Genealogical Notes 

1772. Among other important offices, he was 
President of His Majesty's Council in Virginia. 

President Nelson married in 1738 Elizabeth 
Burwell, only daughter of Nathaniel Burwell of 
Gloucester County, Virginia, and Elizabeth Car- 
ter his wife. She was a daughter of Robert 
Carter of Corotoman (generally known in Vir- 
ginian history as ' ' King ' ' Carter) , President of 
the Colony of Virginia, and Judith Armistead his 
first wife. 

From the marriage of President Nelson with 
Elizabeth Burwell there were the following six 
children, viz. : 

1. Thomas Nelson, a signer of the Declaration 
of Independence, Governor of Virginia, etc., born 
December, 1 738, died January 4, 1 789. He married, 
July 29, 1762, Lucy Grymes, by whom he had eleven 

2. Nathaniel Nelson, born about 1745, married 
Jane Page, a daughter of John Page and Jane Byrd 
his wife (see below), by whom he had issue. 

3. Hugh Nelson (see below). 

4. Robert Nelson, born about 1752, married 
(first) Mary Grymes, who died leaving one daughter, 
and (second) Susan Robinson, daughter of John 
Robinson and sister of Colonel Beverley Robinson 
of New York. Of this second marriage there were 
eleven children. 

5. William Nelson, born about 1754, married 
(first) a Miss Taliaferro, by whom he had one 
daughter, and (second) Abby Byrd, daughter of 

The Nelson Family 31 

William Byrd, the younger, of Westover, by whom 
he had five children. 

6. Elizabeth Nelson, married Captain Thomp- 
son, R.N., and went to reside in England. 

There were other children who died in infancy. 1 

Hugh Nelson, the third son of President Nelson, 
was born at Yorktown in 1750, and died there 
October 31, 1800. He married, about 1775, his 
second cousin Judith Page, who was the daughter 
of John Page of North End, Gloucester County, 
Virginia, the second son of Mann Page and Judith 
Carter his second wife (daughter of Robert Carter 
of Corotoman). 2 

John Page in 1 746 married Jane Byrd, who was 
one of the children of Colonel William Byrd of 
Westover, by his second wife, Maria Taylor. 
John Page and Jane Byrd his wife had fifteen 
children in all, four of whom died infants. The 
fifth surviving child was Judith Page, above men- 
tioned, who was born about 1755 and married, as 
above stated, Colonel Hugh Nelson, the third son 
of President Nelson of Yorktown. The third 
child, Jane Page, married Hugh Nelson's elder 
brother, Nathaniel Nelson. 

Colonel Byrd's youngest son, William, mar- 
ried Mary Willing, of Philadelphia, and had 
ten children, one of whom, Abby Byrd, married 

1 See Bishop Meade's Old Churches, Ministers and Families 
of Virginia (Philadelphia, 1878), i, 205. 

2 See as to the Nelson family, Page's Genealogy, etc., 155-162; 
and as to the Page Family, the same work, 1-65, 96-100. 

32 Genealogical Notes 

William Nelson, another brother of Hugh Nelson. r 
Hugh [Nelson [and Judith Page, his wife, had 
seven children. 

i. Jane Byrd Nelson, born at Yorktown about 
1776, married in 1798, Francis Walker of Castle 
Hill. (See above, under the Walker Family.) 

2. Lucy Nelson, born at Yorktown about 1778, 
married May 16, 1798, to Edmund Pendleton, by 
whom she had seven children. 

3. Thomas Nelson, born at Yorktown 1780, 
married in 1804 his cousin Judith, the youngest 
child of Governor Thomas Nelson, by whom he 
had nine children. 

4. Nathaniel Nelson, born at Yorktown about 
1786, married about 181 1 Lucy Mann Page, by 
whom he had five children. 

5. Carter Nelson, born about 1788, died un- 

6. Frances Edmonia Nelson, born about 1790, 
died unmarried. 

7. Maria Nelson, born 1794 and burned to 
death in the Richmond theatre fire, December 
26, 1811. 

'A genealogical table of the Byrd Family will be found in 
The Writings of Colonel William Byrd, of Westover, in Virginia 
Esquire (N. Y., 1901), 444-451. 

Of the Barclay Family 

It was long supposed that Thomas Barclay, who 
was Rector of St. Peter's Church in Albany, was 
descended from the Scotch family known as the 
Barclays of Ury, but though some of that family 
came to the United States, it seems clear that 
Thomas Barclay was of a different family, as to 
which little is known. * The earliest positive knowl- 
edge in regard to him is that he matriculated at 
the University of St. Andrews, February 25, 1684, 
and was granted the degree of M.A. at that Uni- 
versity, June 14, 1688. He was ordained Deacon 
by the Bishop of London, May 22, 1707, and Priest, 
May 31, 1707. Immediately thereafter he was 
appointed chaplain of the garrison at Fort Orange 
at Albany, which had recently been acquired 
from the Dutch. 

At Albany, probably soon after his arrival, 
Thomas Barclay married Anna Dorothea Drauyer, 
a daughter of Captain Andries Drauyer (a Dane 
by birth, who had served in the Dutch Navy) and 
Gerritje Van Schaick his wife. This Gerritje 
Van Schaick — a daughter of Captain Goosen 

1 The fullest account of this family is in The Barclays of New 
York by R. Burnham Moffat (New York, 1904). 
^ 33 

34 Genealogical Notes 

Gerritse Van Schaick by his second wife Annetje 
Lievens — was born in 1657 and married Andries 
Drauyer, January 17, 1674. O n March 2, 1699, 
Andries Drauyer and his wife joined the Dutch 
Church in New York on certificate from Copen- 
hagen; and on February 28, 1700, "Johanna" 
Dorothea Drauyer likewise joined the Dutch 
Church in New York upon a confession of faith 
and belief. 

The Rev. Thomas Barclay died somewhere 
about the end of the year 1725 leaving four 

1. Thomas Barclay, who appears to have died 
an infant. 

2. Henry Barclay, born about 17 12, of whom 

3. Andrew Barclay, born October, 17 19, married, 
June 14, 1737, Helena Roosevelt, daughter of 
Jacobus Roosevelt and Catharina Hardenbroek 
his wife. Andrew Barclay died June 19, 1775, 
leaving ten children, viz.: 

i. Thomas Barclay, who died unmarried. 

ii. James Barclay, who married Maria Bever- 
houdt and left numerous descendants. 

iii. Henry Barclay, who died unmarried. 

iv. John Barclay, who died unmarried. 

v. Ann Dorothea Barclay, who married 
Theophylact Bache and left fifteen children. 

vi. Catharine Barclay, who married Augustus 
Van Cortlandt and left descendants. 

vii. Sarah Barclay, who married Anthony 
Lispenard and left six children. 

The Barclay Family 35 

viii. Ann Margaret Barclay, who married 
Frederick Jay, brother of the Chief Justice, and 
died without surviving issue. 

ix. Helena Barclay, who married Major 
Thomas Moncrieffe, and died in 1775, leaving 
one child, a son, who died unmarried. 

x. Charlotte Amelia Barclay, who married 
Dr. Richard Bayley, by whom she had seven 

4. John Barclay, the date of whose birth is not 
known, was Mayor of the City of Albany and 
married, first, Gerritje Coeymans and, second, on 
September 8, 1771, Margaret Ten Eyck. He died 
early in the year 1779, having been a zealous sup- 
porter of the Revolutionary cause. He seems to 
have left no descendants. 

Henry Barclay, the second son of the Rev. 
Thomas Barclay of Albany, was born, as above 
stated, about 17 12. He entered Yale College and 
graduated there in 1734. After bjs return home, 
he was appointed in 1735 Catechist of the Mohawk 
Indians, and two years later was recommended to 
the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel as a 
person of good morals and learning. The Society 
sent him to England, and he was there ordained 
by the Bishop of London about the beginning of 
the year 1738. Returning to Albany, he became 
the third Rector of St. Peter's, and continued there 
for eight years. In 1746 he was called to Trinity 
Church, New York, and inducted as Rector on 
October 22, 1746. In 1761 he received the degree 

36 Genealogical Notes 

of Doctor of Divinity from Oxford University. 
He died August 20, 1764. ' 

On December 15, 1749, he married Mary Rut- 
gers, the youngest daughter of Anthony Rutgers of 
New York and Hendricke Vandewater his wife. 2 

Mary (Rutgers) Barclay survived her husband 
and died June 8, 1788, being about sixty-five 
years of age. Of this marriage there were five 

1. Thomas H. Barclay, born October 12, 1753, 
of whom hereafter. 

2. Anthony Barclay, born 1775, died August 
23, 1805. He married Anna Lent of Long Island 
and had one son, Henry Barclay, born April 3, 1794, 
who married Sarah Moore, April 13, 1842, and 
died March 21, 1863, leaving four children, viz.: 

i. Henry A. Barclay, who married Clara 0. 
Wright and had issue. 

ii. Fanny M. Barclay, who married William 
Constable, but had no issue. 

iii. James L. Barclay, who married Olivia 
Mott Bell, and on her death, leaving issue, mar- 
ried Priscilla (Dixon) Sloane. 

iv. Sackett Moore Barclay, who married 
Cornelia Cochrane Barclay, as to whom see below, 
and has five children. 

1 A full account of Dr. Barclay's services in the Church will 
be found in an article by the Rev. Joseph Hooper published in 
The Church Eclectic, which has been re-printed by Mr. William 
Barclay Parsons. 

' See Moffat's The Barclays of New York, 103. Another ac- 
count states that the mother of Mary Rutgers was Cornelia 
(De Roos) Benson, the widow of Robert Benson. 

The Barclay Family 37 

3. Catherine Barclay died unmarried, probably 
in infancy. 

4. Cornelia Barclay who married, first, Stephen 
De Lancey (see below), and after his death, General 
Sir Hudson Lowe. T 

5. Anna Dorothea Barclay, born January 21, 
1755, married January 21, 1778, Lieutenant- 
Colonel Beverley Robinson and died April 11, 1806. 
Of this marriage there were ten children. 2 

Thomas H. Barclay, 3 the eldest son of Henry 
Barclay and Mary Rutgers his wife, graduated at 
King's, now Columbia College, in the Class of 1772. 
On October 2, 1775, he married Susan De Lancey, 
daughter of Peter De Lancey of West Farms. 
Some account of the De Lancey family is given 

When the Revolutionary War first broke out 
Thomas Barclay was living in what is now a part 
of Ulster County, in the Wallkill Valley; but he 
found it highly expedient to leave that part of the 
country, and he took up his residence with his 
family at or near Flushing, Long Island. On 
April 10, 1777, he was given a commission as 

1 Sir Hudson Lowe is best known as the jailer of Napoleon 
at St. Helena. Lord Rosebery, in Napoleon: The Last Phase, 
refers frequently to the charm and good sense of Lady Lowe. 

2 As to the Robinsons and their numerous descendants see 
Moffat, 1 1 7-1 18, etc. 

3 It is uncertain what the initial "H" stood for. After his 
marriage Colonel Barclay never used his middle name and he was 
always known as Thomas Barclay. He is so recorded in the 
catalogue of Columbia College. 

38 Genealogical Notes 

Captain in Colonel Beverley Robinson's Loyal 
American Regiment, and was subsequently pro- 
moted to be Major in that regiment to date from 
October 7, 1777. ' 

Major Thomas Barclay served on the Loyalist 
side in New York and South Carolina throughout 
the war, and in the Autumn of 1783 he took up 
his residence in Nova Scotia. His property in 
New York had been confiscated by the act of at- 
tainder of the New York Legislature of October 
22, 1779. He first lived at Wilmot, Nova Scotia, 
but later removed to the village of Annapolis. In 
1793 he was made Lieutenant-Colonel in the Nova 
Scotia militia, and about the same time became 
Speaker of the General Assembly of the Province, 
a post which he retained until 1799, when he 
returned to reside permanently in New York. 

The New York Legislature in 1792 had passed a 
law permitting all the persons named in the act 
of attainder of 1779 to return and reside within 
the State. In 1796 Colonel Barclay returned to 
New York on business connected (it seems) with 
his mother's estate, and while there received a 
commission appointing him the British Commis- 
sioner to settle the boundary between the United 
States and Canada under what was called the 
Jay Treaty of 1794. This service required a good 
deal of diplomatic management and much dis- 

1 Lieutenant-Colonel Beverley Robinson, who married Anna 
Dorothea Barclay, as above stated, was a son of the Colonel of 
the regiment. 

The Barclay Family 39 

cussion of details; and under other commissions 
relating to different parts of the Treaty of Ghent 
(of 1815) Barclay was employed in relation to the 
boundary question down to the year 1822. 

On January 26, 1799, Colonel Barclay was 
appointed British Consul-General in New York, 
a position which he continued to hold until the 
breaking out of the War of 181 2, and again for 
some time after the Treaty of Peace in 1815. 
After the Summer of 1799 Colonel Barclay and his 
family continued to live in the City of New York, 
with the exception of short intervals, until the 
time of his death on April 21, 1830. l 

By his marriage with Susan De Lancey (who 
died May 2, 1837), Colonel Barclay had twelve 

1. Eliza Barclay, born at Flatbush, L. I., 
December 3, 1776, died June 21, 18 17, married 
June 16, 1796, to Peter Schuyler Livingston. Of 
this marriage there were five children, two of whom 
died in infancy. The fourth child, Schuyler 
Livingston, born April 5, 1804, died December 2, 
1862, leaving five children surviving him; one of 
whom, Eliza Glass Livingston, born September 
7, 1831, married her cousin William Barclay Par- 
sons (see below). 

2. Henry Barclay, born near Hell Gate, Long 
Island, October 27, 1778, died at Saugerties, New 
York, January 3, 1851. He married on August 

1 See for further details Rives's Correspondence of Thomas Bar- 
clay (N. Y., 1894). 

40 Genealogical Notes 

13, 181 7, Catherine, daughter of Robert Watts 
of New York, who was born July 24, 1782, and 
died, a fortnight after her husband, on January 
17, 1851. Of this marriage there was no issue. 

3. De Lancey Barclay, born near Hell Gate, 
Long Island, on June 16, 1780, and died March 29, 
1826. He entered the British Army, obtained a 
commission in the Grenadier Guards, and was made 
a C. B. for good conduct at the Battle of Waterloo. 
He was married June 17, 1825, to Mary Fairfield, 
widow of Gurney Barclay of the family of Barclays 
of Ury, by whom he had one son who died shortly 
after birth. This lady survived her husband and 
subsequently married Rev. Dr. Steuart, Dean of 
Windsor. She lived to a great age, and I remember 
calling upon her in London in the Summer of 1868 
when she had a house in Berkeley Square. 

4. Maria Barclay, born near Hell Gate, Long 
Island, on June 27, 1782, died at New York, August 
7, 1862. She married in New York, on August 
27, 1806, Simon Fraser, a resident of British Guiana, 
Mrs. Fraser for many years lived on the Berbice 
River in British Guiana and had several children. 
One of her daughters married William Fyfe and 
died leaving descendants. 

5. Thomas Edmund Barclay, born at Annapolis, 
Nova Scotia, December 4, 1 783. In 1 799 he entered 
the British Navy as a midshipman and served 
through the wars with France until 18 14 when he 
was retired on half pay with the rank of captain. 
On February 14, 182 1, he married Catharine Smith 
Channing, by whom he had seven children, only 
one of whom (Walter Channing Barclay) left issue. 
Captain Barclay died January 30, 1838. 

The Barclay Family 41 

6. Susan Barclay, born at Wilmot, Nova Scotia, 
February 5, 1785. She married on August 20, 1803, 
Peter Gerard Stuyvesant and died without issue 
surviving her on January 14, 1805. 

7. Beverley Robinson Barclay, born at Wilmot, 
Nova Scotia, December 22, 1786, died January 
15, 1803, unmarried. 

8. Ann Barclay, born at Wilmot, Nova Scotia, 
December 9, 1788. She married on May 29, 1815, 
William Burrington Parsons. Mr. Parsons had 
been purser of H. M. S. Sylph which was wrecked 
on the south shore of Long Island. The marriage, 
it appears, was not approved by Miss Barclay's 
family, so that they were married at the house of a 
clergyman without the knowledge or consent of her 
parents. The marriage, however, turned out well. 
There were by this marriage five children, three of 
whom died in infancy. The third child, Susan 
Barclay Parsons, was married November 22, 1842, 
to Montagnie Ward and died June 4, 1893, leaving 
a number of descendants. The youngest child, 
William Barclay Parsons, married, as above stated, 
Eliza Glass Livingston, and died December 31, 
1887, leaving four sons. 

Mr. William Burrington Parsons died August 25, 
1869; his wife Ann (Barclay) Parsons having died 
shortly before, on June 20, 1869. 

9. George Barclay, born at Annapolis, Nova 
Scotia, July 4, 1790, of whom hereafter. 

10. Anthony Barclay, born at Annapolis, Nova 
Scotia, December 27, 1792. With George Barclay, 
his elder brother, he was left behind at school a1f 
Windsor, Nova Scotia, in 1799, being only seven 
years old at the time, when his parents moved to 

42 Genealogical Notes 

New York. At some time before the breaking out 
of the War of 1812 he went to England to complete 
his education and study for the Bar. Later on, 
about 1820, he was appointed British commissioner 
under the sixth and seventh articles of the Treaty 
of Ghent to ascertain the boundary between the 
United States and Canada from a point on the 
St. Lawrence River through the Great Lakes and 
as far as the Lake of the Woods — an occupation 
in which he was employed for several years. He 
subsequently became British Consul in New York 
but was compelled to retire at the time of the Cri- 
mean War, owing to disagreements with the United 
States Government in respect to the enlistment of 
British soldiers in the United States. On October 
17, 1 8 16, he married Ann Matilda Waldburg Glen 
of Savannah, Georgia, by whom he had eight chil- 
dren, some of whom died leaving issue. One of 
his sons, Henry Anthony Waldburg Barclay, had 
two children, — Henry A. W. Barclay, who died 
unmarried, and Cornelia Cochrane Barclay, who 
married her second cousin Sackett Moore Barclay, 
mentioned above. 

1 1 . Clement Horton Barclay, born at Annapolis, 
Nova Scotia, August 3, 1796, and died there in 
infancy, August 21, 1797. 

12. Cornelia Elizabeth Stewart Barclay, born 
at New York, May 23, 1801, and died an infant, 
June 28, 1 801. 

George Barclay, my grandfather, who was the 
ninth child and fifth son of Thomas and Susan 
(De Lancey) Barclay, was born at Annapolis, 

The Barclay Family 43 

Nova Scotia, as above stated, on July 4, 1790. 
He was left at School at Windsor, N. S., when his 
father removed to New York in 1799, on being 
appointed H. B. M. Consul-General. 

George Barclay came to reside in New York 
about 1808, and entered into the employment 
of his brother Henry. For some time afterwards 
he seems to have been very unsettled in his plans, 
and to have considered various ways of establishing 
himself in business. He paid a visit to his sister 
Mrs. Fraser in South America, he visited Nova 
Scotia again in 181 1 , and he went to England about 
18 1 5 apparently with the notion of finding occupa- 
tion there. While at Cheltenham, then a fashion- 
able watering-place in England, he met and 
married on December 8, 18 18, Louisa Matilda 
Aufrere, only daughter of Anthony Aufrere. (See 
as to the Aufrere Family below.) 

Mr. and Mrs. George Barclay soon after their 
marriage came to New York, which was thence- 
forward their home, and he entered into partner- 
ship with his brother Henry in a foreign commission 
business. The firm name was for many years 
Henry and George Barclay, until Henry Barclay 
(who was twelve years older than George) retired 
from business. His place in the firm was taken 
by his nephew, Schuyler Livingston (see above), 
and the firm name was changed to Barclay & 

About the first of January, 1854, George Barclay 
having acquired what he considered a sufficient 

44 Genealogical Notes 

competence, retired from business; and in the 
Spring of 1855 purchased the property known as 
Carnwath in Dutchess County, New York. 

After his marriage, he lived in Greenwich Street, 
near his father. About 1836 he moved to a house 
in Warren Street; and about 1846 he bought a 
piece of land at the southwest corner of Washing- 
ton Place and Mercer Street, then considered 
very far up-town. The property adjoining on the 
west was bought by "Commodore" Cornelius 
Vanderbilt; and he and my grandfather built 
houses which were, externally, exactly alike and 
were no doubt designed and erected by the same 
builder. These houses were each about forty- 
five feet in width, and not unduly deep. In the 
rear of his house, on Mercer Street, my grandfather 
built a stable; while Commodore Vanderbilt's 
stable was in the rear of his house, on Fourth 

No. 8 Washington Place, my grandfather's 
residence, was a roomy and well-planned house, 
distinguished by a handsome hall and staircase, 
and by two large drawing-rooms. The doors, 
on the drawing-room floor, were of fine mahogany 
and there were some striking marble fireplaces. 
The doors and one of the fireplaces are preserved 
in the house No. 69 East 79th Street. As I was 
born in this house, and lived there (except while 
at Trinity College) until my marriage in 1873, I 
retain a most vivid recollection of its spacious com- 
fort. It was sold in 1892, after my father's death. 

The Barclay Family 45 

My grandmother died at No. 8 Washington 
Place on February 15, 1868, in her 76th year; and 
my grandfather, died July 28, 1869, at Carnwath. 

The only child of George Barclay and his wife, 
was my mother, Matilda Antonia Barclay, who 
was born December 7, 1824; married my father, 
Francis Robert Rives (see Rives Family above), 
May 16, 1848; and died at 8 Washington Place, 
New York, January 25, 1888. 

Of the De Lancey Family 

As the name of this family indicates, it was of 
French origin. The first of that name in this 
country was Etienne or Stephen De Lancey, who 
is said to have been born October 22, 1663, at 
Caen in Normandy of a noble Huguenot family. 
On the revocation of the Edict of Nantes he was 
obliged to leave France and fly to Holland, whence 
he went to England, where he was naturalized 
on March II, 1686, and immediately afterwards 
sailed for New York. He arrived here on June 
7, 1686; entered upon mercantile pursuits; and 
after having been an Alderman of the City, became 
in 1 69 1 a representative in the Provincial Assembly 
where he sat for nearly twenty-five years. He 
was a vestryman of Trinity Church from 17 16 
to the time of his death in 1741. 1 

Stephen De Lancey was married January 23, 
1700, to Anne Van Cortlandt, a descendant of one 
of the first Dutch settlers in this Province, daugh- 
ter of Stephanus Van Cortlandt and Gertrude 
Schuyler his wife. 

» For the origin of the De Lancey Family see Note XLIX to 
Jones's History of New York during the Revolutionary War, edited 
by Edward Floyd De Lancey (N. Y., 1870). 


The De Lancey Family 47 

Of the marriage of Stephen De Lancey and 
Anne Van Cortlandt, there were born ten children, 
three of whom died in infancy. The surviving 
children were: 

1. James, born November 27, 1703, became 
Chief Justice and Lieutenant-Governor of the 
Province of New York. He married Anne Heath- 
cote, and died July 30, 1760. He left a number of 
descendants. One of his daughters married Judge 
Thomas Jones of the Supreme Court of New York 
who wrote an interesting Tory history of New York 
during the Revolutionary War; and one of his 
grandsons was the Right Rev. William Heathcote 
De Lancey, Bishop of the Diocese of Western New 

2. Peter, born August 26, 1705, died October 
17, 1770, of whom hereafter. 

3. Susanna, who married Admiral Sir Peter 
Warren of the British Navy. 

4. Stephen, born February 1, 1713, and died 
unmarried in 1745. 

5. John, born July 11, 17 16, who also died 
unmarried in 1741. 

6. Oliver, who married Philadelphia Franks of 
Philadelphia. He entered the British Army at the 
time of the French War in 1756, and was later made 
a Colonel. He subsequently became Brigadier- 
General, served on the British side during the 
Revolution, and at the close of the war went to 
England where he died in 1785, aged sixty-eight 
years. The children of General Oliver De Lancey 
were Susan, who married Lieutenant-General Sir 

48 Genealogical Notes 

William Draper; Charlotte, who married Field- 
Marshal Sir David Dundas; Philadelphia, who 
married Stephen Payne Galway; Anna, who mar- 
ried Colonel John Harris Cruger; Oliver, who 
entered the British Army in 1776, became Adju- 
tant-General of the British forces in New York in 
succession to Major Andre, and subsequently Lieu- 
tenant- General; and Stephen, who was Lieutenant- 
Colonel of New Jersey (loyalist) volunteers during 
the Revolution and married Cornelia Barclay, a 
daughter of the Rev. Henry Barclay (see above): 

7. Anne, born April 23, 1723, was married m 
1762 to John Watts, a member of the Governor's 
Council, and died in 1775. . 

Peter De Lancey above mentioned, the son of 
Stephen De Lancey, the emigrant, and Anne Van 
Cortlandt his wife, married Elizabeth Colden, 
the daughter of Lieutenant-Governor Cadwalader 
Colden and Elizabeth his wife (a daughter of 
Colonel Thomas Ellison of New Windsor, N. Y.). 

Of this marriage there were eight children: 

1. Stephen De Lancey, who became Surrogate 
of Albany County and married Esther Rynderts of 
Albany. At the close of the Revolution he removed 
to Nova Scotia. 

2. John, who married Alida Wickham and left 
one daughter, who became the wife of Joseph C. 
Yates, Governor of the State of New York from 
1822 to 1828. 

3. Alice, who married Ralph Izard of South 
Carolina and left issue. 

The De Lancey Family 49 

4. Elizabeth, who married John Cox and died 
without issue. 

5. Jane, who married John Watts of New York 
and left issue. 

6. Susan, who married Colonel Thomas Barclay 
(see above). 

7. Peter, who married Emily Beresford but left 
no issue. 

8. James, who married Martha Tippett of 
Westchester. He, like his cousins, served in the 
British Army during the Revolution; but after the 
war was permitted to remain in the United States. 
He died at an advanced age after having been 
three times married. Apparently he left no 

The De Lancey name in the United States is 
now almost extinct ; but through marriages in the 
United States and England, there are a number 
of persons tracing their descent in the female 
line from this family, which was so conspicuously 
identified with the Colonial history of New York 
throughout the eighteenth century. 

Of the Aufrere Family 

At the close of the Fifteenth Century, Etienne 
Aufrere, of a family settled at Toulouse in Langue- 
doc, in France, filled the important office of 
President of the Parliament of Toulouse, and 
published several Latin treatises upon the func- 
tions and attributes of the Judges of different 
Courts as well ecclesiastical as civil, a work which 
is mentioned with applause by the French writers 
upon similar subjects in the succeeding Century. 

The family tradition is that Pierre, one of his 
sons, quitted Toulouse and established himself 
at Paris, where he occupied the Post of Procureur 
du Roi au siege royal a Paris, an office similar to 
that of our Solicitor General. 

He married (but at what epoch is not known) 
Claire Macetier, by whom he had a son called 
Antoine, who succeeded his father in his office as 
well as in an estate which the latter had purchased 

1 This account of the Aufrere Family, and the account of the 
Lockhart Family below, were written by my great-grandfather, 
Anthony Aufrere, in 1830; and they are here reproduced from his 
MS. in my possession, without verification and without material 
alteration. A much fuller account of the early history of the 
family by Charles Poyntz Stewart is printed in the Proceedings 
of the Huguenot Society of London, vol. ix, No. 2. (1910). 


The Aufrere Family 51 

at Corville in Normandy upon which was an 
ancient Castle. To this Castle and estate was 
attached a Marquisate, and Antoine above men- 
tioned is described as Marquis de Corville, Pro- 
cureur du Roi au siege royal a Paris. 

In 1574 he married Catherine LeClerc s and 
left a son called Antoine, who in 1622 married 
Marie Prevot, and was father of another Antoine 
(the first Refugee) who also exercised at Paris the 
office of Procnreur du Roi. Being a zealous 
Huguenot and a vigilant observer of the conduct 
of the bigoted French government of that time, 
he foresaw the persecution to which the French 
Protestants would be exposed upon the revocation 
of the Edict of Nantes, and prepared for his flight 
to another country, by secretly disposing of as 
much of his property at Paris and in Normandy, 
as he dared offer for sale, and contrived to remit 
the produce in safety to Holland. Of the amount 
of it we are ignorant, but he must have been a man 
of considerable wealth, since he sacrificed a con- 
siderable part of his fortune to his religious opinions 
and yet preserved so much of it that though his 
eldest son lost several thousand pounds in the 
South Sea scheme in 1720 and his second son was 
very extravagant, and though the eldest son had 
built a spacious house in Charles street, St. James's 
square, he brought up a numerous family in the 
best possible manner, and kept the best company 
of that time. Charles street was then becoming 
a fashionable place of abode, and in 1756 the 

52 Genealogical Notes 

house was very advantageously disposed of by 
my Grandfather and his Son. 

I am unacquainted with the date of the year 
when the family fled from France to Holland, but 
probably it was very soon after the revocation of 
the Edict of Nantes in 1685; nor can I say how 
long they remained in Holland nor when they 
removed to England; but it must have been be- 
fore the year 1701, for Antoine the Refugee died 
in London on the 7 th of September in that year. 

By his wife, Antoinette Gervaise, to whom he 
was married the 11 th November 1664, he left 
two Sons, the second of whom retained his French 
appellation of Chevalier de Corville. He was a 
thoughtless, dissipated man of pleasure, very 
burthensome to his father and brother, and married 
a low woman, by whom he had two daughters who 
were entirely supported by the different branches 
of the family. The surviving Daughter I remem- 
ber to have visited between 1780 and 1785, several 
times, in a small lodging in Berwick street, Oxford 
street, London; and I think she died between that 
period and 1790 at a very advanced age. She 
was a person of ordinary appearance and manners 
and of rather a weak understanding; but her 
conduct was blameless, she was never troublesome 
to her relations, and always seemed grateful for 
their kindnesses. 

Israel Antoine, the eldest son of the first Emi- 
grant, and a Protestant Clergyman, was married 
in Holland on the second of May 1700 to Sarah 

The Aufrere Family 53 

Amsincq one of the daughters of a Gentleman 
belonging to a family of great distinction both 
at The Hague and at Hamburgh, in both which 
Republics they filled the highest posts. This 
match connected the Aufrere family with the 
Boreel and Fagel families so distinguished in the 
annals of Holland. 

Israel Antoine, more considerate and much less 
vain than his brother, retained, upon his emigra- 
tion, his family name, in preference to a foreign 
title without an Estate, and as not suited to his 
profession as a Protestant Minister of the Gospel. 
It appears that the learning, piety and manifold 
virtues of Israel, together with his persecution 
by the Catholics, and his excellent delivery from 
the pulpit, combined to draw upon him the notice 
and good opinion of the Government and of the 
heads of the Church; and it was not long before 
he was appointed French preacher at the Savoy 
Palace in the Strand, where was a Chapel which 
was frequented by all the principal Refugees. He 
was afterwards named Minister of the French 
chapel at S' James's, which was resorted to by 
all the foreign Protestants attached to the Court, 
and often frequented by Queen Caroline, who was 
wont to treat him with marked attention. 

This estimable and conscientious Divine lived to 
the great age of ninety-one and dying in London 
the 4 th of March 1758 was buried at Paddington. 
By his wife, who died in 1754, he left the following 

54 Genealogical Notes 

I. Jeanne Aufrere, born 17 July, 1701, married 
the Rev? D r Regis of a French refugee family, and 
Canon of Windsor, by whom she had three Daugh- 
ters; one was married to Mr. Dawson an eminent 
wholesale linen merchant in Cornhill London; 
another to the Rev? M r Potter of Wallsend, in 
Northumberland; and the other to the Rev? M r 
Prior, one of the undermasters of Eton School. 

i. M & M rs Dawson left a son who in 1787 
married his second Cousin Sophia Aufrere, my 

ii. A daughter of M r & IVP Potter married 
the Rev d M r Buckham, Chaplain to St. George's 
hospital, London, and had a son called Philip. 
M'&M" Potter had several other children, but 
I am unacquainted with their fates and fortunes, 
which were assuredly not brilliant, for M r Potter 
had little more than his Curacy of Wallsend, & 
his wife at each returning Christmas solicited 
and tasted of my grandfather's bounty. 

iii. M r & M rs Prior had two Daughters, one 
of whom married the Rev M r Goodall, one of 
the undermasters of Eton school — afterwards 
Doctor of Divinity, Provost of Eton and Canon 
of Windsor; they have no children. The other 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Prior married Mr. 

2. Magdalene Aufrere, born 8 th May 1703. 
Married Samuel Grove Esq r Barrister at Law, who 
had an appointment at Antigua. She died the 29 th 
of March 1729 in her 26 th year. 

3. Anthony Aufrere, born 25 th June 1704. Edu- 
cated at Westminster school, he continued his 
studies at Oriel College, Oxford, took the degree of 
Master of Arts, was ordain 'd in 1728, and soon 

The Aufrere Family 55 

afterwards presented to the Rectory of Heigham 
near Norwich by his father's great friend D r Wake 
the then Archbishop of Canterbury. About the 
same time he went over to Holland and married at 
The Hague Marieanne de Gastine, daughter of the 
Major de Gastine, a French refugee in the Dutch 
service. By this lady who died soon after the birth 
of her second child, he had a daughter, Susan, who 
died very young, and a son, Anthony, my father, 
of whom hereafter. My Grandfather, settling at 
Norwich, there married, about 1740 M" Mary 
Smith, widow, who eventually became entitled 
to and possessed of the estates of her Uncle Giles 
Cutting Esq r of Hoveton S 1 Peter in Norfolk, who 
died in the Fleet prison in London and left his 
estate overloaded with debt. By great sacrifices 
on my Grandfather's part, as well as by good man- 
agement and frugality, he cleared the property of 
incumbrances; and his wife, having no near rela- 
tions, devised it to him and his heirs. 

He survived his second wife near thirty years 
and died at his house at Norwich the 22 A day of 
May 1 78 1 in his 77 th year. He was much esteem 'd 
for his piety, learning and good sense; and for his 
affectionate, unvarying, and substantial kindness to 
me, I never think or speak about him without per- 
fect gratitude and tenderness. 

4. Marieanne Aufrere, born 15 th September, 
1707, was married about 1730 to Doctor Philip 
DuVal, a French refugee Physician, who had studied 
under the celebrated Boerhaave, and was first 
Physician to the Princess of Wales, mother of King 
George the third. By this marriage M rs DuVal 
had two children, a daughter, Mary (who died long 

56 Genealogical Notes 

before her mother) and a son, Philip, my kind friend 
and benefactor, who died in London the 14 th of 
March 1808 aged 76, leaving no issue by his Wife 
Miss Ann George who survived him about seven 
years. He was educated at Westminster, Cam- 
bridge and Gottingen, took orders, was Subpreceptor 
to some of the Royal family of England, and at the 
time of his death was D r of Divinity, Canon of 
Windsor, and Vicar of Twickenham. 

5. George Rene* Aufrere, born 7 th November, 
1715, married in 1740 Miss Arabella Bate, second 

Daughter of Bate Esq 1 of Foston-hall in 

Derbyshire, by whom he had one Daughter, Sophia, 
married in 1770 to Charles Anderson Pelham Esq r 
of Brocklesby Lincolnshire, who in 1794 was created 
Lord Yarborough. She died 25 th January 1786 
leaving the following Children. 

i. Sophia Pelham, born 1775, married Dudley 
North Esq r of Glemhall in Suffolk, in November 
1802 — but has no children. 

ii. Caroline Pelham, born 1777, married 
October, 1797, R. Cary Elwes Esq r of Billings, 
Northamptonshire, and died 1812 leaving one 
son, married. 

iii. Charlotte Pelham, born 1778, married 
in 1804 to W m Tennant Esq r of Astonhall, 
Staffordshire, by whom she has several Children. 

iv. Lucy Pelham, born 1779, died 1818, 

v. Charles Pelham, born 1781, married 1806 
Henrietta, only daughter of the Hon. I. Bridge- 
man Simpson (by the sister and heiress of the 
late Sir Rich d Norsley Baronet) by whom (who 
died 1813) he has a son born 1809 and another 
in 1 812. He succeeded his father in 1823. 

The Aufrere Family 57 

vi. Arabella Pelham, born 1783, married 
1802 Tho s Heneage Esq r and has children. 

vii. George Pelham, born 1784. 

viii. Georgiana Pelham, born 1785, married 
181 1 Bateman Dashwood Esq r of Well, Lin- 

George Rene Aufrere, my great Uncle, father of 
the above Sophia, died at Chelsea 7 th January, 
1801, in his 86 th year; and his Widow at the same 
place I st Sept r ., 1804, in her 84 th year. 

I now come to treat of Anthony Aufrere my 
Father, who was born February, 1730, married 
on the 17th of February, 1756, Miss Anna Norris, 1 
and died at Hoveton the 1 1 th day of September, 
1814, in his eighty-fifth year. His widow died 
at the same place the nth of April, 1816, in her 
eighty-second year. 

Their children were: 

1. Anthony Aufrere, born 30 November, 1757, 
married 19 February, 1791, Marianne Matilda 
Lockhart, only surviving daughter of the late 
General James Count Lockhart of Lee and Carn- 
wath in Lanarkshire (of which family hereafter) 
by whom he had a daughter called Louisa Anna 
Matilda, born the 17th Novr., 1792, and married the 
8th of December, 181 8, to George Barclay Esqf of 
New York (by whom she has a daughter Matilda 
Antonia born 7th Deer., 1824), and a son George 
Anthony, born 18th June, 1794, who on the 3rd 
of September, 1828, married at Hamburgh Miss 

1 For an account of the Norris Family, see below. 

58 Genealogical Notes 

Caroline Wehrtmann second daughter of John 
Michael Wehrtmann Esqr. of that place and of 
Osterrade in the Duchy of Holstein. 

2 and 3. John and George Aufrere, twins, born 
16 September 1758; the latter died the 29 t . h of 
the same month, and the former on the 28th of 
February, 1759. 

4. Anna Aufrere, born 3rd Octr., 1759, died at 
Brawndale near Norwich, nth May, 1824, in her 
65th year. 

5. Susannah Aufrere, born 29th January, 1761, 
died 19th May, 1768. 

6. Sophia Aufrere, born 14th January, 1763, 
and married May, 1787, to her second cousin 
William Dawson (see above) by whom she has the 
following children : 

i. Sophia Dawson, born May, 1788. 
ii. Harriet Dawson, born 1789; married 1812 
to Charles Shard Esqr. of Lovelhill, Berkshire, 
by whom she has one son, born 1826. 

iii. William Dawson, born June, 1 790. Mar- 
ried January, 1829, Miss Garrard of Lamers, 

iv. Henry Dawson. In holy orders. Married 
13th July, 1818, Julia, daughter of Sir Robert 
Buxton Bart. She died 1825 leaving a son and 
two daughters. 

v. Frederick Dawson, a barrister at law. 

vi. Caroline Dawson, 
vii. Charlotte Dawson, 
viii. Matilda Dawson. 

7. Caroline Aufrere, born 21st June, 1764, 
married April, 1802, to the Rev. Josiah Flavell, by 
whom she has three sons (having lost a daughter 
Agnes) as follows — 

The Aufrere Family 59 

i. Francis Flavell, born Sept. 10, 1803. 
ii. John Webb Flavell, born April 11, 1806. 
iii. Thomas Flavell, born August 27, 1809. 

8. Harriet Aufrere, born 6th December, 1765, 
married 16th December, 1788, to Robert Baker 
Esqr., Barrister at law, and afterwards Knighted, 
by whom she had the following children. * 

i. Richard Baker, born 30th June, 1790; 
educated at Eton and Oxford; ordained 18 14; 
Chaplain to the British residents at Hamburgh; 
married 17th August, 1824, Miss Fanny Prescott 
by whom he has six children. 

ii. Harriet Baker, born July, 1791. Married 
3rd Sept., 1822, to the Rev d Richard Bathurst 
Greenlaw of Ealing, by whom she has children. 

iii. George Baker, born 3rd May, 1795. 
Captain in the Royal Navy. Married Jany. 17, 
1827, Miss Elizabeth Octavia Harding of Baraset 
House by whom he has (1829) one daughter. 

iv. Fanny Baker, born June 30th, 1796. 
Married Dec. 16th, 1818, to the Revd. Wm. 
Greenlaw, brother to the above, by whom she 
has six children. 

v. Emily Baker, born Nov. 15th, 1797. 

vi. Louisa Baker, born January 25, 1799. 

vii. Marianne Baker, born March 31, 1800. 

viii. William Way Baker, born 15 May, 1801. 

ix. Henry Baker, born August, 1802. 

x. Edward Baker, born June 29th, 1804. 

xi. Charlotte Baker, born, October 30th, 1805. 
xii. Caroline Baker, born February 23rd, 1807. 
xiii. Charles John Baker, born July 27th, 1808. 

9. Louisa Aufrere, born 29th December, 1767. 
Married August, 1798, to Geo: Rowland Minshull 

1 Lady Baker died in 1846, being over eighty years old. Beside 
the thirteen children named below, it appears that she had three 
more who died young, or sixteen children in all. — G. L. R. 

60 Genealogical Notes 

Esq. barrister at law (and afterwards one of the 
Police Magistrates at Bow Street, London) by 
whom she had one child born April, 1802. Mrs. 
Minshull died 8th Dec r 1829. 

10. George John Aufrere, born 19th Septr. 1769. 
Educated at Norwich and Cambridge; ordained 
1 793 ; presented to the' livings of ^Ridlington and 
East Ruston, Norfolk, by his cousin Charlotte 
Laura N orris. 

11. Charles Gastine Aufrere, born 18th Decem- 
ber, 1770. Perished the 9th October 1799 off the 
Coast of Holland on board H. M's Frigate Lutine, 
of which this excellent and lamented young man 
was first Lieutenant. : 

12. Amelia Jane Aufrere, born 29th March 

13. Thomas Norris Aufrere, born 5th November 
1773. Went out to India as a Writer, 1792 ; visited 
England upon leave, 1799; returned to India in 
1800; was appointed Judge of a District there; and 
finally quitted India and returned home in 1812. 2 

14. Philip DuVal Aufrere, born 7th April, 1776. 
Curate of Smalburgh, 1800, having been educated 
at Norwich and Cambridge. Married Miss Beevor, 
daughter of John Beevor M.D. of Norwich, by 
whom he had no children. Secondly Miss Smith 
of Wells, by whom he has one child Philippa Norris. 
Presented to the Rectory of Bawdeswell and Vicar- 

1 The wreck of this vessel, which had a large quantity of 
specie on board at the time of her loss, has lately been the sub- 
ject of extensive and successful salvage operations by Dutch 
wreckers. — G. L. R. 

»Mr. T.N. Aufrere died in London in February, 1835. — G.L.R. 

The Aufrere Family 61 

age of Seaming in Norfolk by Sir John Lombe, 
Baronet 1 . 

15. Maria Aufrere, born 20th April, 1779. 
Married to Paul Squires of Norwich, Chymist and 
Druggist, by whom she has no child. 

Note. Anthony Aufrere, the author of the fore- 
going account of the Aufrere Family, seems to have 
been a man of literary tastes but chiefly addicted to 
what used to be called "elegant trifles." He did, 
however, edit and publish in 181 7 two large folio 
volumes entitled The Lockhart Papers, containing 
historical memoirs and letters written by members of 
his wife's family, which are of considerable value for 
the troubled history of Scotland in the eighteenth 
century. 2 He seems to have been restless and fond 
of foreign travel — a taste which his wife, who must 
have spent her earliest years in Austria and Tuscany, 
probably shared. He and his family went to France 
in 1802 and were among the English prisoners seized 
by Napoleon at the rupture of the Treaty of Amiens 
in May, 1803. They were in consequence forced to 
spend eleven years in France chiefly at Verdun and 

Mr. Aufrere died at Pisa, in Italy, on the 29th of 
November, 1833, a day before his seventy-sixth birth- 
day. His wife, who was nearly seventeen years his 
junior, survived him nearly seventeen years, and died 

1 Rev. Philip DuVal Aufrere died at Mundsley, in Norfolk, 
June 4, 1848.— G. L. R. 

2 The Lockhart Papers. . . . published from original MSS. in 
the possession of Anthony Aufrere, Esq., of Hoveton, Norfolk 
(2 vols., London, 1817). 

62 Genealogical Notes 


at Edinburgh September 14, 1850, also in her seventy- 
sixth year. 

George Anthony Aufrere, the son of the above, who 
married Caroline Wehrtmann in September, 1828, 
served in his younger days as an officer of the Ninth 
Lancers in India and elsewhere. He paid a visit to his 
sister, Mrs. Barclay, in New York, somewhere about 
1825, and then after his marriage settled down and 
lived in England, occasionally visiting German 

For at least thirty years before his death, he lived 
on Lake Windermere, near the village of Bowness, 
where I visited him on many occasions. He died 
May 6, 1881, leaving a will, in which I was appointed 
one of his Executors. 

Mrs. Caroline (Wehrtmann) Aufrere, when I knew 
her, was well advanced in years. Her long residence 
in England had made her a thorough English woman, 
and I cannot recall a trace of German accent in her 
speech. She possessed unusual charm, a genuine 
kindliness to all about her, very considerable intel- 
ligence, and a degree of patience that was often tried 
by the vagaries of a hot-tempered husband. She 
survived him four years, and died May 25, 1885. She 
had no children. — G. L. R. 

Of the Lockhart Family 1 

From various authentic documents still extant 
as well in the archives of the family as in certain 
public offices at Edinburgh, it is ascertained that 
about the year 1153, in the reign of Malcolm the 
fourth, there lived in Lanarkshire one Stephen 
Loccard who probably was a man of figure and 
condition, inasmuch as he was a witness to a 
charter granted by the Constable of Scotland, 
which exists in the Earl of Loudon's family muni- 
ments. The next in succession was Simon Loccard 
denominated of Lee, in the County of Lanark, in 
a transaction between him and the Abbot of Kelso, 
in the Advocates' library at Edinburgh; and in 
which he is called Sir Simon. To him succeeded 
his son Malcolm whose son Simon was knighted by 
King Alexander the third, and is mentioned in two 
deeds dated 1273 and 1281, relative to the pre- 
sentation to the living of Simonton. 

In 1306 Stephen Loccard did homage to King 
Edward the First of England for lands holden by 
him in the Shire of Edinburgh, called Craigloccard, 
which continued to belong to the house of Lee 
until about 160 years since. To this Stephen 

1 Written by Anthony Aufrere. See note on page 50 above. 


64 Genealogical Notes 

succeeded Sir Malcolm, who flourished under 
David the Second and Robert the First, and was 
succeeded by Sir Simon who appears, by different 
documents, to have been a great pecuniary friend 
to the monks, and who in 1323 gave a bond of 
annuity in silver money of £10 to Sir William de 
Lindsay, Prior of Ayr, who had lent him a sum 
of money to equip him for an expedition to the 
Holy Land with the heart of King Robert Bruce, 
which was borne by a Douglas, to whom Sir 
Simon was next in command. But passing 
through a part of Spain in order to embark for the 
Holy Land, they were attacked by the Saracens, 
when Douglas being slain, the command devolved 
on Sir Simon Loccard, who finding it impossible 
to proceed to Jerusalem, returned to Scotland and 
caused the heart of Robert Bruce to be deposited 
in the Abbey of Melrose. In remembrance of this 
adventure, Sir Simon took occasion to change his 
name from Loccard to Lockhart — added to his 
arms a heart within a lock — assumed the motto 
of Corda serata pando — and was allowed to take 
as supporters (the right only of chiefs of families) 
a man armed cap a pied in compleat ancient 
armour, with a heart round his neck, and a wild 

To this Sir Simon succeeded Alexander, who had 
a Son called Allan who was in favour with James 
the Third who conferred upon him the honour of 
Knighthood. He married Margaret Daughter of 
John Lockhart of Bar in Ayrshire, by whom he had 

The Lockhart Family 65 

a son styled Sir James Lockhart of Lee who died in 
1502, leaving a son Allan who was slain at the 
battle of Pinky, 10 th September, 1547, fighting for 
Queen Mary against the English. By his wife, 
of the house of Carmichael, he left a son James, 
who by Janet Hamilton of Dalserf left a son also 
called James, who was a man of great parts and 
application, and in much favour with King James 
the Sixth, both before and after his succession to 
the Crown of England, and received the honour 
of Knighthood. 

By his wife Elizabeth Weir of Stonebyres, Sir 
James left a son called also James, who was a 
gentleman of excellent natural parts which he 
improved and cultivated both at home and abroad. 
After his return from his travels he passed some 
time at the Court of King Charles the First, where 
by his good breeding and behaviour he quickly 
grew to be very acceptable to his Royal Master 
and into general esteem with the Court, in so 
much that his Majesty in a short time made him a 
Knight and one of the Gentlemen of his Bed- 
chamber. But after some years' stay at Court, 
having a genius more turned towards industry 
in business than was generally practised there, he 
returned to his seat in the country, and soon be- 
came famed for his prudent management and 
frugal conduct, by which means he not only added 
a great deal to the estate of his family but provided 
well for his other children. Upon the fame of his 
great endowments and of his being deemed fully 

66 Genealogical Notes 

qualified for sitting as a Judge in the Courts of 
Session, he was appointed one of the Senators of 
the College of Justice in 1646, and discharged his 
office with learning and integrity, under the appel- 
lation of Lord Lee. He continued firmly attached 
to the house of Stuart under all its disasters, but 
whilst employed in raising levies for the support 
of King Charles, he and several other Gentlemen 
were surprized near Dundee, in 165 1, and conveyed 
by sea to London where Lord Lee was confined in 
the Tower for six years, and only obtained his 
liberty through the urgent entreaties of his eldest 
son the famous Ambassador and General Sir 
William Lockhart who had married a niece of 
Oliver Cromwell's and was high in his favour as 
an officer. 

James Lord Lee married Margaret, Daughter of 
Sir George Douglas of Mordington, Gentleman of 
the Bedchamber to King James the First, and left 
three sons, the eldest of which, William, is men- 
tioned in preceding paragraph, who by his Wife 
Robina Sewster had male issue; but that failing 
after two or three Generations, the Estate of Lee 
fell, by virtue of strict entails, to the male descen- 
dant of the Lord Lee's second son Sir George 
Lockhart, Lord President of the Court of Session 
in Scotland, who purchased the Carnwath Estate 
in Lanarkshire, once the domain of the Dalzells, 
Earls of Carnwath. This Lord President was 
murdered at Edinburgh at noonday on Easter 
Sunday, 1688, by one Cheesely of Dairy on 

The Lockhart Family 67 

account of his dissatisfaction with the Lord 
President's Judgment in a cause between Cheesely 
and his Wife. 

The third son of James Lord Lee above men- 
tioned was also a Lord of Session, was made a 
Baronet, and left issue. One of his descendants 
was the well known and gallant Admiral Sir John 
Lockhart, who added to his family name that of 
Ross on inheriting the estates of Ross of Balnago- 
wan ; and young Sir Charles Ross Baronet grand- 
son of the Admiral, is now the representative of 
the branch of Lockhart of Carstairs. 

Sir George Lockhart the Lord President married 
the Hon ble Philadelphia Wharton, youngest daugh- 
ter of Philip fourth Lord Wharton, and by her 
had two sons George and Philip; which last was 
shot as a rebel at Preston in Lancashire in 1715 
when the Scotch made an attempt in favour of the 
house of Stuart. 

George, eldest son of the Lord President, married 
the Lady Euphemia Montgomery one of the many 
Daughters of Alexander ninth Earl of Eglinton, 
by whom he had several Children. By this 
marriage the family became connected with the 
most noble houses in Scotland, all the daughters 
of the above Alexander Earl of Eglinton having 
been married to Scotch noblemen. 

This George Lockhart, well known as the Author 
of "Memoirs of Scotland" and as the strenuous 
opposer of the Union, was a member of the last 
Scotch and first British parliaments, in which he 

68 Genealogical Notes 

distinguished himself by his eloquence, his talents, 
his strict integrity and admirable perseverance in 
what he thought a patriotic and just cause. His 
undisguised and steady attachment to the fallen 
house of Stuart was very injurious to his fortune, 
and subjected him to persecution from the suc- 
cessors of Queen Anne. He was a man of so 
much weight and consideration that nothing was 
omitted to induce him to support the Union; but 
he resisted all the arguments & persuasions of his 
Uncle L d Wharton backed by ministerial offers 
of Titles, Offices & Pensions. 

By his wife, Lady Euphemia Montgomery, 
Mr. Lockhart left fifteen children, of some of whom 
there is the following account. 

i. George, born 1700. Died 1761. By his 
marriage with Fergusia only Child and Heiress of 
Sir George Wishart Baronet, of Clifton Hall, 
Linlithgowshire, he had several Children, who will 
be mentioned in succession. 

2. Alexander, bred to the Scotch Bar, and a Lord 
of Session with the title of Lord Covington. He 
left a son, Rear Admiral W m Lockhart, who married 
Miss Henderson, and dying left a Daughter married 
to the Count Riario Sforza, and a son, Alexander, 
a Clergyman of the Church of England, twice 
married and has children. In case of failure of 
male issue in Sir Charles Lockhart and his two 
Brothers and in M r Norman Lockhart, their uncle, 
the Estates descend to this Rev d Alex- Lockhart 
and his sons. 

The Lockhart Family 69 

3. Euphemia, born 1703. Married to John 6 th 
Earl of Wigton, but left no issue. 

4. Grace, born 1706, married first to John 3d 
Earl of Aboyne by whom she had several Children, 
and secondly to James seventh Earl of Moray by 
whom she had Francis the eighth Earl. 

5. James, born 1707. Died 1749. L' Col 1 of 
Hacket's regiment in the Dutch service. 

6. Mary, born 1718. Married to John Rattray 
Esq r and died in 1805 aged 87 leaving one Daughter, 

We now proceed to George, son of the above, and 
married to Fergusia Wishart, by whom he had the 
following Children: 

1 . George, born 1 726. He was a strenuous active 
adherent to the house of Stuart; took a decided 
conspicuous part in 1745, when he joined the army 
of Prince Charles at Falkirk, fought at the battle 
of Culloden, and escaped to France, where he died, 
unmarried, in 1761 in the lifetime of his Father, 
a most fortunate event for the family, as, in case he 
had survived his Father, the Estates would have 
been confiscated. He had rendered himself so 
obnoxious to King George the Second, that by the 
King's express order, he was excepted out of every 
act of amnesty that was granted during that reign. 
The Estates devolved on his brother 

2. James, after their father's decease, of whom 

3. Clementina, born 1730; married her Cousin- 
German the Hon ble Col 1 John Gordon, younger 
son of John 3 d Earl of Aboyne by Miss Grace 

70 Genealogical Notes 

Lockhart. By this marriage she had four Children, 
none of whom had any issue except Grace, married 
to W m Graham Esq' of the Mossknow near Gretna 
Green, by whom she has a son and two daughters. 
Clementina above mentioned died 1803. 

I now go back to James, mention'd above as 
heir to his Father George. At an early age he 
was an officer in Hacket's regiment in the Dutch 
service, of which his Uncle James was L l Colonel. 
From thence he went into the regiment of Waldeck, 
in the service of the Empress Maria Theresa, and 
was present at several of the great battles fought 
during the seven years War (from 1756 to 1763) 
between the Austrian and Prussian armies. His 
gallant and eminent services are specified in the 
Patent by which the Empress Queen raised him 
to the dignity of a Baron of the Holy Roman 
Empire, reversible to all his Descendants, male and 
female, in perpetuity. He was also decorated with 
the military order of Maria Theresa. 

Having passed through the various Grades of 
the Army, he was by Joseph the Second promoted 
to the rank of General, named one of his Chamber- 
lains, and honoured with the title of Count of the 
Empire, which was limited to his Children of both 
sexes, with remainder only to the male heirs of 
his son. ' 

General Count Lockhart married three times. 

* He seems to have been attached in his later years to the 
household of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. — G. L. R. 

The Lockhart Family 71 

His first Wife was his distant cousin Miss Matilda 
Lockhart of Castlehill, by whom he had one daugh- 
ter, Maria Theresa, married in 1788 to Sir Cha- S 
Lockhart Ross Bar 1 (of the branch of Lockhart 
of Carstairs, a younger son of the house of Lee) 
by whom she had a son who died in infancy, and 
a daughter Matilda, who was married about 18 12 
to Capt n Sir Tho s Cochrane R. N. and died in 
18 19 leaving four children. 

The second wife of General Lockhart was 
Miss Murray of Belridding near Annan, by whom 
he had one surviving son Charles, and one daughter 
Matilda, born the 15 October, 1774, married to 
A. Aufrere Esq r . l 

The General's third wife was Miss Craufurd by 
whom he had one Son, James, who died in infancy 
at Pisa, in April 1790, where his Father also 
expired the preceding February. 

Charles, the General's only surviving son, died 
unmarried in August, 1802, whereupon the Estates 
devolved upon the issue of the General's brother 
Charles, youngest son of Geo : & Fergusia Lockhart. 

This Charles married Miss Macdonald of Largie, 
in Argyleshire, and died at Bath, in February, 1796. 
He had several Children of both sexes, of whom 
many died unmarried. I shall therefore only 
speak of the following: 

1 . Clementina. 

2. Matilda, married to Campbell, Esq r of 

 See account of the Aufrere Family above. 

72 Genealogical Notes 

Saddale in Argyleshire. They both died in 1798 
leaving an only son, about a year old. 

3. Charles Sarah died in March — 1774- 

4. James, an Ensign in the 37th Regiment, 
killed at Dunkirk in 1793: was heir to his mother 
on her death. 

5. Alexander. Succeeded to the Largie Estates 
on the death of his abovemention'd brother James, 
and to the Estates of Lee & Carnwath upon the 
death of his Cousin-German Charles, in August, 
1802. In 1806 he was created a Baronet of Great 
Britain. In 1798 he married Miss Jane M'iNiel of 
Giga, and on the 22 d of July, 18 16, he died at 
Inverary, in Argyleshire, in consequence of a fall 
from his Barouche box. He had several children. 

6. Norman, married in 1806 Miss Phillis 
Macmurdo of Dumfries, who died in 1826 leav- 
ing several sons and daughters. 1 

1 One of the daughters of this Mr. Norman Lockhart was my 
old friend Miss Philadelphia Lockhart, who lived very inde- 
pendently on a small fortune of her own, and died at a great age 
near London, about 1895. — G. L. R. 

Of the Kean Family 

The first of this family of whom I know anything 
was John Kean, born about 1756 at Beaufort, 
South Carolina. His father came from the West 
Indies and is said to have been of Scottish descent. 

This John Kean, about the close of the Revolu- 
tionary War, was elected a member of the Conti- 
nental Congress; and he later became the first 
cashier of the Bank of the United States in Phila- 
delphia. While in New York, he met and married, 
on September 27, 1786, Susan Livingston, a 
daughter of Peter Van Brugh Livingston. 

The genealogy of the Livingstons is well known. 
Robert Livingston, the founder of this branch of 
the American family, was born in Scotland, came 
to America about 1674, an d died in 1728. He 
married Alida Schuyler, daughter of Philip Schuyler 
(and widow of the Rev. Nicholas Van Rensselaer) 
by whom he had three children. The eldest 
child was Philip Livingston, born in Albany in 
1686, who died in New York in February, 1749. 
He married Catherine Van Brugh by whom he 
had numerous children. 

One of his sons, Peter Van Brugh Livingston, 
above mentioned, was a merchant in the city of 


74 Genealogical Notes 

New York. He married Mary Alexander (a 
sister of Lord Stirling of the Revolutionary Army) , 
by whom he had eleven children. Upon her death 
he married Mrs. Ricketts, a widow, by whom he 
had no children. 

Susan Livingston, daughter of Peter Van Brugh 
Livingston and Mary Alexander his wife, was 
married in 1786, as above stated, to John Kean, 
and had one son Peter Philip James Kean, born 
February 27, 1788. After her husband's death 
in Philadelphia on May 4, 1795, she married 
Gourrt Julian Niemcewicz, a Polish gentleman of 
good family, by whom she had no issue. 

Peter Philip James Kean, the son of John and 
Susan (Livingston) Kean on February 18, 18 13, 
married Sarah Sabina Morris, daughter of General 
Jacob Morris (an officer of the Revolutionary 
Army, born December 28, 1756, died January 10, 
1844), an d Mary Cox of Philadelphia, his wife. 
The father of Jacob Morris was Lewis Morris, one 
of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. 

The children of Peter and Sarah (Morris) Kean 

1. John Kean, of whom hereafter. 

2. Julia, born December 17, 18 16, married 
Hamilton Fish (afterward Governor of the State 
of New York and Secretary of State of the United 
States from 1873 to 1881) by whom she had seven 

3. Christine, born October 3, 1826, married 
Captain William Preston Griffin, U.S.N. No issue. 

The Kean Family 75 

John Kean, the only son and eldest child of 
Peter Kean, was born near Elizabeth, New Jersey, 
March 27, 1814. The house in which he was born 
had originally been built about 1772 by William 
Livingston, the well-known Governor of New 
Jersey, who was a brother of Peter Van Brugh 
Livingston. This property was sold after the 
Revolution by Governor Livingston, and was 
purchased by his niece, the first Mrs. John Kean 
(Countess Niemcewicz). Originally known as 
Liberty Hall, it was renamed Ursino after Niemce- 
wicz 's estate in Poland — a name it still bears; 
and in this house Mr. Kean continued to reside 
during the whole of his life. 

On January 13, 1847, he married Lucy Halsted, 
the eldest daughter of Caleb O. Halsted (for 
many years President of the Bank of America 
in New York) and Carolina Louise Pitney his wife. 
Mr. Kean died January 17, 1895, in his eighty- 
first year; and his wife died March 9, 191 2. 

Of this marriage there were nine children. 

1. Caroline Morris Kean, born July 27, 1849, 
married on May 21, 1873, to George Lockhart 
Rives (see Rives Family above) and died March 
29, 1887, leaving one child, George Barclay 

2. Susan Livingston Kean, born January 12, 
1852. <t>J 

3. John Kean, born December 4, 1852. For 
twelve years, from 1899 to 191 1, he was U. S. 
Senator from New Jersey. 

76 Genealogical Notes 

4. Julian Halsted Kean, born April 24, 1854. / c^v* w 

5. Christine Griffin Kean, born January 22, 
1858, was married October 4, 1883, to William 
Emlen Roosevelt (a first Cousin of President Theo- 
dore Roosevelt), son of James Alfred Roosevelt of 
New York; by whom she had issue as follows: 

i. Christine Kean Roosevelt, born August 
3, 1884, married December 28, 1909, to Captain 
James E. Shelley, U. S. A., and died without issue 
February 10, 1913. 

ii. George Emlen Roosevelt, born October 
13, 1887. 

iii. Lucy Margaret Roosevelt, born Novem- 
ber 7, 1888. 

iv. John Kean Roosevelt, born September 
22, 1889. 

v. Philip James Roosevelt, born May 15, 1892. 

6. Lucy Halsted Kean, born December 22, 1859. 

7. Hamilton Fish Kean, born February 27, 1862, 

married January 12, 1888, Katherine Winthrop, 

daughter of Robert Winthrop and Katherine Taylor, 

his wife. Of this marriage there are two sons: 

i. John Kean, born November 22, 1888. 

ii. Robert Winthrop Kean, born September 
28, 1893. 

8. Elizabeth d'Hauteville Kean, born February 
2, 1864. t -; 

9. Alexander Livingston Kean, born March 
12, 1866. 

Of the Whiting Family 

The name of Whiting is very widely known in 
New England, there having been two or three 
early emigrants of that name, whose descendants 
are extremely numerous. I cannot, with any 
certainty, identify William Whiting of Westford, 
Massachusetts, with whom we are here concerned, 
among all the persons of the same name mentioned 
in New England genealogies. What is definitely 
known of him is that he was not a native of West- 
ford, that he came there to live late in the eighteenth 
century, and that he is described in a deed as 
"late of Harvard." He at one time owned land 
in Vermont; and he first bought land in West- 
ford in the year 1791. 

From the inscription on his tombstone, he was 
born September 28, 1762, and died April 19, 1828, 
in his sixty-sixth year. 

Possibly he should have been described as 
''late of Hartford," not "Harvard." Harvard 
is a town in Worcester County, Massachusetts, 
not far from Westford, and the similarity in the 
names of Harvard and Hartford may have misled 
the scrivener who wrote the deed above mentioned. 
If William Whiting of Westford came from Hart- 
ford, Connecticut, he may have been the son of 


78 Genealogical Notes 

William Whiting, a physician of Hartford (born 
1730, died 1793 in Great Barrington, Massachu- 
setts) who had a son William (said to have been 
born in Hartford on November 7, 1764) of whom 
nothing further appears to be known. These 
dates of birth (Sept. 28, 1762, and Nov. 7, 1764) 
are, of course, irreconcilable; but it is possible 
that one or other is incorrect. x 

However this may be, it is known that William 
Whiting of Westford, on December 17, 1786, mar- 
ried Lucy Hildreth, daughter of Zechariah Hildreth 
(born 1728) and Elizabeth Prescott his wife. 

The Hildreth family is also a widely scattered 
family of New England. They were all descended 
from a certain Richard Hildreth, who came to 
Massachusetts from England in 1643, settled at 
Dracut near Westford, and had seven children. 
His son (or perhaps grandson), James Hildreth, 
was the father of the above-named Zechariah. 2 

Lucy (Hildreth) Whiting was born January 18, 
1765, and was therefore not quite twenty-two 
years old when she was married. She died May 
6, 1845, in her eighty-first year. 

* See as to the Whitings of Hartford, Conn., Genealogical Notes; 
or, Contributions to the Family History of Some of the First Settlers 
of Connecticut and Massachusetts, by Nathaniel Goodwin (Hart- 
ford, 1856), p. 339. 

3 As to the Hildreth Family see The Early Hildreths of New 
England, by Arthur Hildreth (Boston, 1894); also Origin and 
Genealogy of the Hildreth Family, by Philip (Hildreth) Reaed 
(Lowell, 1892); and History of the Town of Westford, by Edwin 
Ruthven Hodgman (Lowell, 1883). 

The Whiting Family 79 

Of her marriage to William Whiting there were 
born six children, viz.: 

1. William Whiting, Jr., born June 27, 1787, 
and died April 14, 1828, apparently unmarried. 

2. Augustus Whiting, born April 2, 1795, and 
died an infant. 

3. Augustus Whiting, born July 7, 1796, of 
whom hereafter. 

4. Isaac N. Whiting, born December 2, 1798. 
He married and removed to Columbus, Ohio, where 
he died August 23, 1880, leaving issue. 

5. Alonzo Whiting, born August 18, 1802, and 
died in infancy. 

6. Alonzo Whiting, born September 23, 1804, 
and died April 14, 1828, unmarried. 

Augustus Whiting, above mentioned, resided for 
some years in New Orleans where he was engaged 
in business and acquired considerable property. 
On October 19, 1843, he married Sarah Swan, 
daughter of Gustavus Swan of Columbus, Ohio, 
and Amelia his wife ; subsequently resided in New 
York and Newport, R. I. ; and died in New York 
January 12, 1873, m the seventy-seventh year 
of his age. 

The Swan family, into which Augustus Whiting 
married, originally came from the Town of Peter- 
borough, in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. * 
The first of that name was John Swan, who is 

1 See History of Peterborough, by Albert Smith (Boston, 1876). 

80 Genealogical Notes 

said to have married in Ireland, and who may 
therefore have been of Irish birth. He settled 
in Peterborough (it seems) early in the eighteenth 
century, and was twice married. 

His youngest son, Alexander Swan, was like- 
wise twice married, and had three sons, the eldest 
of whom, John Swan, married Sarah Taggart in 
1764. Of this marriage there were ten children, 
the youngest of whom, Gustavus Swan above- 
named, was born July 15, 1787, on a farm in 
Sharon — a town adjoining Peterborough. 

In 1 8 10 Gustavus Swan left New Hampshire to 
seek his fortune in the West, and settled at 
Marietta, Ohio, where he was admitted to the bar 
in the following year. Shortly afterwards he 
removed to the frontier village which has since 
become the city of Columbus, the capital of the 
State; and he continued to reside there until his 
death. He served in the State Legislature, was a 
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, and subse- 
quently of the Supreme Court of Ohio. In 1831 
he retired from the Bench and became President 
of the State Bank of Ohio, a position he held for 
many years. 

In 1 8 19 he married the widow Amelia Western, 
daughter of George Aldrich and Mary his wife, 
of Men don, Massachusetts, who was born Decem- 
ber 20, 1785. Mrs. Swan died November 5, 1859; 
and Judge Swan did not long survive her — dying 
February 7, i860. 

Of this marriage there were four children: 

The Whiting Family 81 

i. Sarah Swan, born June 2, 1820, who married 
Augustus Whiting (see below). 

2. George Swan, born July 26, 1821; and per- 
ished while on the steamboat Lexington, which 
was burned in Long Island Sound on the night of 
January 13, 1840. 

3. Jane Swan, born February 24, 1823, married 
George M. Parsons (see below). 

4. Albert Swan, born October 7, 1827, died 
February 4, 1845, unmarried. 

Sarah Swan, above mentioned, was married to 
Augustus Whiting at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 
on October 19, 1843. She survived her husband 
(who was nearly twenty-four years her senior) by 
twenty-one years, and died at Newport, June 6, 

Of this marriage there were seven children, viz. : 

1. Jane Whiting, born at Columbus, Ohio, 
September 19, 1844, and died in the city of New 
York, November 10, 1909, unmarried. 

2. Amelia Whiting, born January 3, 1846, 
married February 1, 1893, to John H. Davis of 
New York and died June 6, 1896, without issue. 

3. William Augustus Whiting, born June 30, 
1847, and died December 1, 1848, an infant. 

4. Augustus Whiting, born July 28, 1850, died 
July 23, 1894. He married on June 7, 1877, Flor- 
ence Green, who died November 22, 1888. Of this 
marriage there were born Augustus Whiting, 3d 
(born March 16, 1878, and died April 2d, the same 
year), and one daughter, Charlotte, who was born 

82 Genealogical Notes 

July 27, 1880. On July 11, 1900, she was married 
to Henry 0. Havemeyer, by whom she has four 

i. Carlotta Havemeyer, born December 13, 
ii. Henry Osborne Havemeyer, born March 

1, 1903- 

iii. Florence Hildegarde Havemeyer, born 
December 31, 1905. 

iv. Frederic Christian Havemeyer, born Jan- 
uary 19, 1908. 

5. George Whiting, born July, 1855, and died 
the same day. 

6. Henry Swan Whiting, born November 18, 
1856, died an infant December 27, 1857. 

7. Sara Whiting, born June 22, 1861. She 
married first Oliver H. P. Belmont, by whom she 
had one daughter, Natica Caroline Belmont, born 
September 1, 1883, who married Williams P. Burden, 
April 17, 1907, and died in the city of New York, 
February 21, 1908, without issue. 

Sara Whiting (Belmont) subsequently, on March 
20, 1889, married George L. Rives (see above). 

Jane Swan (the second daughter and third child 
of Gustavus and Amelia Swan) was married at 
the same place and time as her sister (October 19, 
1843) to George McLellan Parsons of Columbus, 
Ohio. Mr. Parsons, who was a highly successful 
lawyer, was born July 8, 18 18, and died September 
!7» 1895. Mrs. Parsons survived him and died 
in her seventy-eighth year on November 7, 1900. 

The Whiting Family 83 

Of this marriage there were descendants as 
follows : 

1. Sarah, born December 8, 1844, died July 15, 


2. Elizabeth, born April 4, 1846, married 
December 17, 1874, to Jasper Joseph Alexander 
Milner-Gibson and had one child, who died in 
infancy. Mrs. Milner-Gibson died in England 
December 6, 1889. 

3. Sarah, born June 8, 1848, died February 3, 

4. Amelia, born June 14, 1850, married May 16, 
1 87 1, to Alexander Ernst Mandrup, Fiirst von 
und zu Lynar, of Germany, and has issue: 

i. Ernst George Herman Rochus Mandrup, 
born March 31, 1875. 

ii. Jane Georgiana Margaret Sophie Mandrup, 
born April 14, 1876. 

iii. George Mandrup, born September, 1878. 

5. Jane, born June 8, 1852, and married June 4, 
1885, to James Andrews Swan, son of Judge Joseph 
R. Swan of Columbus, Ohio. 

6. Gustavus, born January 26, 1855, died May 
20, 1913. He was married April 3, 1878, to Emily 
Collins Herron and had nine children. 

i. Jane, born December 26, 1878, died January, 

ii. George McLellan, born February 17, 1880. 

iii. John Herron, born April 20, 1882 (married 
Helen Hall Wood on November 25, 1908, and has 
issue) . 

iv. Elizabeth, born May 4, 1885. 

84 Genealogical Notes 

v. Edwin Morgan, born April 2, 1889, died 
October 8, 1892. 

vi. Anne, born December 8, 1893. 
vii. Louis, born January 7, 1898. 
viii. Joseph Olds, born September 29, 1902, 
died March 16, 1903. 

ix. Mary, born May 25, 1904, died October 
17, 1904. 

7. Mary Louise, born February 16, 1857, 
married December 16, 1880, to William Lawrence 
Breese. Of this marriage there were three children. 

i. Eloise Lawrence Breese, married on Decem- 
ber 5, 1905, to Lord Willoughby de Eresby 
(afterwards known as the Earl of Ancaster) and 
has issue. 

ii. William Lawrence Breese, born February 
24, 1883, married Julia Fish (granddaughter of 
Hamilton Fish — see above under Kean Family) 
and has issue. 

iii. Anne Breese, born January 12, 1885, 
married October 10, 1907, to Lord Alastair 
Innes-Ker and has issue. 

William Lawrence Breese died in 1888, and his 
widow was married to Henry Vincent Higgins on 
January 30, 1894. Of this marriage there are no 

8. Anne Eliza Dennison, born April 8, i860, 
married James Thomson, June 4, 1885. Mr. Thom- 
son died in 1897. There are no issue of this 



in the County of Norfolk in England. 

With Notes and Additions by 


of Hoveton St. Peter in the same County. 



I have never yet been able to discover who was 
y" Father of Titus Norris, nor where he lived, 
only that he was born in y e Year 1536; in y" 
year 1560, when he was about 24 y- of Age he 
was Owner and Inhabitant of a very large Mes- 
suage in y e Parish of Saint Andrews in Norwich, 
being y* corner House abutting upon S- Andrews 
Street. — M- Kirkpatrick in his history of Nor- 
wich says, that this Messuage tho' of late years 
made into Two good Houses, was formerly one 
very Capital Messuage which extended in Front 
next S- Andrews S- to the corner opposite y e 
New Hall, and that Northward it reach 'd down 
to y e River; in y e n'- of Ric? y e 2? it was yt 
City House of S r John White of Shottesham Kn-. — 
In y e time of Edw- ye 6 th it was inhabited by 
M' J- Brace Alderman of Norwich — in 1549 it 
was Inhabited by y e - Widow of y* said Alderman, 
and in 1560, by M r Titus Norris; — from this 
circumstance alone it is evident that he inherited 
an easy fortune from his Parents, as no Trade or 
Industry of his own could have enabled him at 
y* Age of 24 to Inhabit so Capital a House. 


2 Genealogical Notes 

In 1584 the aforesaid Titus Norris was elected 
Sheriff of Norwich, and in y e Entry thereof he is 
stiled in y e City books "Titus Norris, Skynner;" 
but it is to be observ'd that this by no means 
proves him to be of that Trade or of any business 
at all, for, by an order of y e Corporation in y e 
Year 1450, every person admitted a Freeman of 
Nor- was to be recorded under some Art or Trade — 
and this order M- Kirkpatrick says was long 
observed; — for instance John Yelverton Son of 
y e Judge of that name was admitted a Freeman 
& inrolled under y e Mercers Comp-; John 
Corbet of Sprowston Esq 6 stands register 'd as a 
Free-man of Norwich with y e Addition of 
"Brazier." However I am far from asserting that 
Titus Norris was not in Trade ; but in his last Will 
he stiles himself Gentleman, a title not taken up 
lightly at that time, nor without having a right 
to it. 

Titus Norris married 2 Wives ; y e first was Mary, 
but whose Daughter she was, does not appear; —  
she was living in y e Year 1 582 ;■ — by this Woman 
he had four Sons and five Daught"; he also mar- 
ried a 2- Wife, Eliz-, whose Family I know not; 
she died in 1628. 

Extract from the Parentalia 3 

Tho- Norris, y  Eldest Son of Titus, was Married 
in S- Andrew's Church May y- 21- 1583, to 
Diana Walpoole, by whom he had one Daught- 
named Susanna, who was Married to Gregory 
Bootie of Norwich, Scrivener. I know of no 
other Descendants he had. 

Titus Norris, 2- Son of y e above Titus, died un- 
married, and was buried in S- Andrews July y- 

15- 1579- 
John Norris, y 3- Son of Titus, was born in S! 

Andrew's Parish and Baptiz'd Nov- y e 19- 1564 — 

Of him I shall speak hereafter, as being y e only 

Son of Titus who left Issue. 

Peter Norris y e - 4- Son of y* above Titus, was 
not Register'd in S- Andrew's, but his Burial 
is enter'd in y e Parish Register of Irsted in y e 
Hund- of Tunsted; Dec b -^ y^ 31- 1582; Upon 
what Ace- he came to dye & be Buried at Irsted 
I have no where found. 

Mary y* Eldest Daughter of y' aforesaid Titus 
was married to Rich- Frankling, and was living 
in y e - year 161 9; but I know not whether she had 
any Issue. 


4 Genealogical Notes 

Susanna, y e 2- Daught 1 of Titus Norris, was 
not Registered; but was living in y e Year 1639. 

Sarah, y° 3- Daught' was also not Registered 
in S- Andrew's; but she was there Married to 
Rich- Cubitt May y e 7^ 1592. 

Elizabeth, y e 4- Daught- of Titus Norris was 
not enter 'd in S^ Andrew's Parish, but was there 
Married July y* 15- 1600, to Nathaniel Brewer. 

These were all y e Descendants of Titus Norris, 
who made his Will in y e Year 161 7 by y e Name 
of Titus Norrys of y e Parish of S- Andrew's in 
y e City of Norwich, Gentleman, — dated Jan- 
y' 22 d 1 61 7, giving small Legacies to his Daught- 
Mary — Susanna, and his Eldest Son John Norris, 
and to his Grand Son Henry and to his Grand 
Daught- Sarah Cubitt, but he made his Wife 
Eliz- Sole Executrix and left her all his Houshold 
Stuff, Plate, and Money &c. ; but his Son John 
dying he added a Codicil, by which he bequeath'd 
y e - Legacy before given to his Son John, to be 
divided between y e Sons & Daught- of y- said 
Son John; & his Will & Codicil was proved 
November y e 18- 161 9; soon after making the 

Extract from the Parentalia 5 

Codicil, Titus Norris Departed this life and was 
Buried in S- Andrews Church in Norwich Oct- 
y° 30^ 1619 

I must now return to John Norris y' 3- Son 
of y^ above Titus. — This John Norris was Bap- 
tiz'd as I before observ'd Nov- 19, 1564. In 
1612 he was elected Sheriff of Norwich, in y? 
life time of his Father Titus; & he is so enter'd 
in y* City books, by y e Name of M r . John Norris, 
Skynner, according to y e custom I have before 
mention'd, respecting all Free Men of y* City; — 
but in an Indenture recited in his Father Titus's 
Will he is called John Norris, Merchant, which 
Indenture was dated Feb- y* 20^ 1602-3 — 
and I elsewhere find him Stiled Gentleman; — 
he died before his Father, and was Buried in 
S- Andrews Church March y e 1- 1617-18. He 
Married upon y e 29- of July 1589 — Anne Gyles, 
y e Daughter of Robert Gyles, Gentleman — 
which Family of Gyles bore Arms. He had by 
this Wife Anne, Eight Sons and Six Daughters, — 
most of whom lived to be Men and Women. 

John his Eldest Son was Baptiz'd y° 28- June 
1590 but most likely died an Infant being no other- 
wise mention'd. Titus his 2 d Son was Baptiz'd 


6 Genealogical Notes 

1595 — he died and was Buried in S 1 Andrew's 
Church y e 19^ of August 161 5, being little more 
than Twenty years of Age. 

Thomas y' 3- Son was Baptiz'd y e 29^ of 
March 1598- — of him I shall speak hereafter. 

Francis y e 4- Son was Baptiz'd y? 28-- of 
May 1599 — of him also I shall give an Account 
in due time. 

Mathew y e s~ Son Baptiz'd y e 27- of June; 
he died and was Buried y e following Day. 

Edward y e 6^ Son was Baptiz'd y e 6^ of 
March 1602. — Of him I shall speak in proper 

John y e 7^ Son was Baptiz'd y e 16^ of March 
1605 — he was brought up to y e Church and was 
admitted of Corpus Christi or Bennet College 
Cambridge, in y e Year 1623 — and in y e Year 
1630 he took his Degree of Master of Arts and was 
then or soon after in Orders — and in y' same Year 

Extract from the Parentalia 7 

1630 he took up his Freedom of y^ City of Norwich 
to which he was entitled by Birth; and tho' he 
was now in Orders and a Master of Arts, yet 
in his admission to his freedom he is Stiled 
Worstead Weaver, another proof that y e Occupa- 
tion of a Citizen cannot be known by his admis- 
sion to his Freedom. — He died unmarried in y° 
Year 1637, and made his Will by y* name of John 
Norris, Clerk, and gave all his books of Divinity 
to his Bro- Francis Norris for y e use of John y* 
Son of y e s- Francis, leaving also Legacies to 
his Bro 1 - 5 and Sisters. 

Robert y e 8- Son of y* aforesaid John Norris 
was Baptiz'd Dec- y e 28- 1607; of him I shall 
speak hereafter 

Elizabeth Norris Eldest Daught L of John Norris 
& Anne his Wife was Baptiz'd y e 30^ of Jan- 
159 1 — and was Married on y" 25- of Sept- 
1614 to Gregory Breviter of Norwich. I do not 
find that she left any Issue behind her 

Sarah Norris y ? - 2- Daught- was Baptiz'd 
y e 25- of March 1593 & died Unmarried & was 
Buried in S- Andrews Church Sept- y* 23- 161 1 

8 Genealogical Notes 

Mary Norris y e 3- Daughter was Baptiz'd 
May y- 22- 1594 and Married to— Ansell of 

Anne Norris y e 4- Daughter of John Norris 
was Baptiz'd Jan- y e 22- 1596; she died and 
was Buried in S 1 Andrew's Church October y" 
31- 1608. 

Judith Norris y e 5- Daughter was Baptiz'd 
Aug 1 y- 30^ 1 601, and was Married to Edw- 
Lynsey of Norwich. 

Susan Norris 6^ Daught 1 was Baptiz'd July y e 
12- 1604. She died UnMarried & was Buried in 
S- Andrew's Church on y e 29^ of January 1638; 
she made her Will, which was proved April y* 
28- 1639, disposing of her Money among her 
Relations & making her BtcP Tho 1 and Francis 
Norris Residuary Legatees. 

Of y' different Families which the Daught- of 
John Norris Married into, I shall speak hereafter. 

Extract from the Parentalia 9 

John Norris and Titus Norris y' two Eldest Sons 
of John Norris, by his Wife Anne Gyles, leaving 
no Issue, I come now to speak of Tho ! Norris 
y e 3- Son. — His Father having y- 14 Children 
before Specified, was doubtless obliged to bring 
his Sons up to Business; accordingly this Son 
was in y e Woollen Manufactory of Norwich,' — 
and in 1620 I find him admitted a Freeman of 
Norwich by y e Name of Tho ! Norris, Worstead 
Weaver. — He married Elizabeth, but of what 
Family I know not; — He was Married to her 
before y e Year 1637; he had John his Eldest Son 
and other Sons; he had also a Daught- Hannah, 
Baptiz'd at S- Andrews Nov- y e 15- 1637.— He 
had also a Daught- Elizabeth, Buried in that 
Church Sept- y e 12- 1638; it is probable he had 
other Child- but they all died before him and 
without Issue, so that most likely they all died 

In y' Year 1659 I find him & his Wife Legatees 
of y • Will of Mr- Carter, Widow, of Norwich but 
no Child- mention'd; but his Bro 1 Francis & his 
Nephew John Norris Esq- and Amey his Wife 
are mention'd as Legatees. 

io Genealogical Notes 

In y*. Year 1665 y e said Tho ! Norris was chosen 
Alderman of South Conisford Ward & sworn into 
that Office on y e 10- of June 1665. He lived, 
and at length died in y e Parish of S- Giles in 
Norwich, but seems to have left off business and 
to have been chiefly Resident at his Estate at 
Baburgh — and wrote himself by y e Name of 
Tho- Norris of Baburgh Gent-; in y- Year 1662 
however upon his being Elected Alderman he seems 
to have return'd to Norwich although y e Plague 
had then broken out in that City, and on y e 19- 
of July 1665 he was appointed of a Committee 
consisting of a certain Number of Aldermen &c 
who were appointed to make orders, and take care 
to prevent if possible the Spreading of y e Infection, 
which Employment was probably y e Occasion of 
his Death, for he died and was Buried in y e 
Church of S- Andrews in Norwich by his Ancestors 
in y e month of October 1665. 

By his last Will which he made by y e Name 
of Thomas Norris of Baburgh Gent- dated Jan- 
y e 14 th 1662, he gave directions to be Buried 
in S- Andrews Church, and he left y e following 
Legacies — 

Extract from the Parentalia n 

To Elizabeth his Wife 80^ a year without any 
deduction whatsoever, to be paid her Quarterly 
during her life. 

To his Cousin 1 John Norris, y! Eldest Son of 
his Brother Francis Norris, he gave all his Mes- 
suages, Lands Tenements &c free and Copyhold 
in Baburgh aforesaid, to him & his Heirs for 
ever, subject to y* above Annuity of 8o £ a y- to 
his Wife. TohisBro- Francis & to Susan his Wife 
he gave 10^ each for Mourning. 

To his Brother Edw- Norris he gave y e profit 
of 120^ for his life & after his Decease y e principal 
to y- s- Edward's 3 Daught- Anne, Thomasine, 
& Elizabeth, equally among them. To y e same 
Bro ! Edw- he gave also io £ a y- during his life. 

To his Bro 1 Robert Norris he gave an Annuity 
for his life of 15^ a year to be paid him monthly. 

. To Sarah Norris his Niece Daught- of y* above 
Robert, he gave an An ty of io £ a year so long as 
she lived UnMarried, but upon her Marriage that 
was to cease and his Executors were to give her 
y* Sum of 50^ in lieu thereof. 

To his Cousin 1 Jeremy Norris 50^. 

To his Cousins Rob 1 Anthony & Sibilla Norris 
he gave 5^ each. 

1 It should be " Nephew. " (Note by Anthony Aufrhe.) 

12 Genealogical Notes 

To John Ansell y e Son of his Sister Mary, who 
Married Mathew Ansell of Norwich, he gave 2$ £ , 
and to y e Son of y e said John Ansell he gave 
io £ when he arriv'd at y e Age of 21. 

To the 2 Eldest Daught- of Isaac Leeman io^ 
each at 21 y- of Age. 

To Rob- Norris Son of his Bro- Robert he 
gave 25^. 

To Anne Norris Daught- of y e said Bro- Rob- 1 
Norris 2$ £ . 

To John Norris Son of y e above Bro 1 Rob ! 25* 
at 21 y- of Age. 

To Elizabeth Norris Daught- of his Bro- Ed- 
ward Norris 35^ at her attaining y e Age of 21. 

To Edw- Lynsey Son of his Sister Judith Norris, 
who Married Edw- Lynsey of Norwich, he gave 

20 £ . 

To his Kinswoman Elizabeth y e Wife of Will- 
Balls 15* 

To his Friends M- Cock, M- Harmer, & 
M- Whitefoot, Ministers of y e City of Norwich, 
he gave 20- each. 

To y e Poor of y e Parish of S- Andrews 5 £ at y • 
time of his Burial. 

To his Cousin 1 John Norris son of y e before 
mention'd Francis his Bro 1 he gave moreover his 
Lease of y* Rectory of East Ruston in Norfolk 
which he held of y e Dean & Chapter of Windsor, 
also all his Lands Messuages and Tenements 
Freehold & Copyhold in y e Parish of Walcot & 

1 " Nephew. " (Note by A . Aujrlre.) 

Extract from the Parentalia 13 

East Ruston, to him and his Heirs for ever, but 
charged with y° Annuities before given to his 
Brothers Edward and Robert & their Child- ; also 
he gave him all his Estates real & personal, and 
made him sole Executor; — the probate of this Will 
was enter' d in due form. 

John Norris y e Executor order'd in his own 
Will a Monument to be erected in S- Andrew's 
Church for his Uncle Alderman Tho- Norris; 
but those that came after him chose rather to omit 
doing of it (as he had done) than to follow his 
orders. I find that above y* 5^ before mention'd, 
his Executors paid I0;£ into y e hands of y e Mayor 
& Corporation for y e poor of y* City — probably 
on y e . day of his Burial Oct- 21- 1665. 


I come now to speak of Francis Norris, y* 4' 
Son Born but the 2- Surviving Son of John Norris 
Gent- & Anne Gyles his Wife and y e only one of 
all his Eight Sons whose Issue Male is now remain- 
ing; was Born in S- Andrews and there Baptiz'd 
May y- 28- in y e Year 1599. 

The said Francis Norris was bro 1 up to 
Trade, as were his Brothers, and in 1630 was 
admitted to his freedom of y" City of Nor- 
wich; — his Admission is enter 'd as follows — 
Francis Norrys, Maltster, — he is wrote in all 

14 Genealogical Notes 

other places Francis Norris, Merchant — as in 
truth he was and dealt largely in Spain, particu- 
larly in Corn and Malt — by which he acquir'd 
what was then esteem 'd a Considerable Fortune. 

In 1634 at a general meeting of y e Parishioners of 
S- Andrews in Norw-, full power was given to 
14 Committes together with the Churchwardens 
to Nominate a Minister to y e said Church, of 
which Number y e 5- in order was M r Francis 

In 1 64 1 He paid a fine of 20^ to be excused from 
serving y e Office of Sheriff for a certain time only. 
Upon the breaking out of y e troubles between 
y* King and y e Parliament he was of y e Royal 
party; 1643 I find his name in a list of those who 
refus'd voluntarily to contribute towards regain- 
ing Newcastle which had been seiz'd by y e Kings 
Friends, and I have heard he was principally con- 
cern 'd in y* remitting such money as was sent to 
Cha ! y e 2- during his Exile. In y e Year 1656 he 
repair 'd & beautified y* great Gate of his House 
next to Bridge St — placing thereon a Coat of Arms 
— carved in Stone and which were remaining there 
in 1725 — he also added to his own his Wifes Coat 
of Arms; she was Susanna the Daught r of Jeremy 
Gooch of Norw- Gent-; these Arms were duly 
Register'd in y' Year 1665. 

Extract from the Parentalia 15 

In 1660 upon y e Restoration of Cha- y e 2- he 
was one of y e Citizens who carried up y e address 
and their pres- of one thous- p- to y* King. 

In 1665 He was elected one of y e City Sheriffs 
& was sworn in as usual, and he is enter'd Francis 
Norris Merchant, Son of John Norris Gent- 
Citizen of Norw-. He died in August 1666, and 
was Buried in S- Andrews Church with his 

By Susanna his Wife he had Issue. 

John Norris his Eldest Son Born 1627 of whom 
I shall speak again. 

Tho ! Norris his 2- Son, Baptiz'd March 1629 — 
he died young. 

Jeremy Norris 1 his 3- Son, Baptiz'd March 
1630, of him I shall speak again. 

Robert Norris his 4- Son Baptiz'd Feb^ 1632, 
probably he died UnMarried. 

Edward Norris his 5- Son Baptiz'd Dec- 1634 
certainly died young. 

Anthony Norris his 6- Son Baptiz'd April 1635 
of whom I shall speak. 

Will- Norris y e 7- Son Born in 1639 died 
an Infant. 

Francis Norris his 8- Son died an Infant Jan' 

Francis Norris his 9- Son Born August 1643, 
& died that year. 

Francis Norris his 10- Son Born August 1644 
& died that Month. 

1 See Page 23. (Note by A. Aufrfre.) 


16 Genealogical Notes 

By Susanna his Wife y c said Francis had one 
Daught- Born June 1637 — she Married in 1670, 
Francis Jenney y e 2- Son of S 1 Arthur Jenney 
Kn- of Knodshall in Suffolk, by whom she had no 
Issue; she died his Widow 17 16, leaving consider- 
able property to M- Stephen Norris her Bro r 
Anthonys Son. 

I now come to speak of John Norris, Eldest 
Son of Francis by Susanna his Wife, who was 
Stiled John Norris of Witton Esq-. He was Born 
ab L y" Year 1627 and was bro- up at y e University 
of Cambridge; from thence he removed to Lin- 
coln's Inn where he was called to y e Degree of 
Barrister at Law; in y e Year 1678 he was chosen 
Recorder of Norwich, having been Steward y e 
year before; but in 1682 when it was resolv'd to 
resign y e Charters, he gave up his Office as did 
M- Mingan who was then Steward; for tho' 
he was of y* Court party he would not Counte- 
nance y e violent & illegal measures of that Reign. 
He was a Lawyer of Note and eminence, many 
years one of y e Justices of y e Peace for Norfolk & 
one of y e four Chairmen at y e quart- Sessions. 
He Married two Wives — y e first was Amy, y' 
Daught- of Stephen Edgar of Watlington Esq-; 
she died ab- 1680 & left Issue as follows; 

Extract from the Parentalia 17 

Francis Norris, who probably died an Infant 

Tho s - Norris y e 2- Son who was a Barrister but 
died before his Father. 

John Norris y e 3- Son and Heir, of whom I shall 
speak hereafter. 

Oliver Norris y e 4- Son, was an Officer in King 
Williams Army; He died Unmarried, being basely 
Robb'd & Murder'd in an Inn, in Bishopgate Street 
London in y e Year 1 700 ; the Master of y e Inn, his 
Wife and y e Hostler were convicted of y e same & 
hanged at Tyburn; y e 2 Men were hung in chains 
near Whitechapel. 

The Female Issue of John Norris and Amy his 
Wife were as follows 

Elizabeth Norris, y e Eldest Daught-, Married Mr. 
Sam 1 - Monk of Coventry, by whom she had Issue 
John Monk who died in 1757 — also Geo Monk 
Vicar of Witton & Rector of East Ruston ; neither 
of y m left Issue. 

Susan Norris y e 2- Daught- Married Mr. Green 
of Lond-, left no Issue. 

Thomasine y e 3- Daught- Married y e Rev- 
Theophilus Brown Rector of Thwaite & Calthorpe, 
but she left no Issue. 

The above John Norris Married a second Wife, 
y° Daught- of Jeremy Gooch and his first Cousin, 
but had no Issue by her. 

18 Genealogical Notes 

The said John Norris died at his House at Witton 
near N. Walsham upon y e I- of August 1701 & was 
Buried in Witton Chancel. He was succeeded in 
his Estates by John his 3- Son & Heir of whom I 
shall speak in y* next page. 

John Norris Esq £ of Witton Married Caroline 
Daught- of S 1 John Playters, Baronet, of Satterley 
in Suffolk, by whom he had Issue. * 

John Norris his only Son & Heir — born Feb- 
y e 12- 1710, 11. 

Carolina who Married M- Ewen of Raydon in 

Amey Norris who died single. 

Thomasine who Married y e Rev- S 1 Ashurst 
Allin Bart of Blunston — who succeeded his Bro- 
S 1 Tho 1 of Somerley neither of whom left Male 
Issue. 2 

1 The Satterley estate was sold to M' Barne, Merchant in 
London. The title (dated 1623) became extinct early in the 19* 
century, on the death of Sir Cha! Playters, a Bachelor and a 
Lunatic. (Note by A. Aufrdre.) 

3 Sir Ashurst left one son, Sir Thomas, & one Daughter Frances. 
Sir Thof was a lunatic; died in 17 — without issue — The Title 
was extinct — but the Estate at Somerleyton devolved to the 
Anguish family. (Note by A. Aufrere.) 

Extract from the Parentalia 19 

The above John Norris was a Justice of y' 
Peace and a Captain in y e Norfolk Militia; but 
falling into a Sottish habit much in fashion among 
the Country Gent- at that time — he fell from his 
Horse very near his own House in returning from a 
Drinking Party at N. Walsham, and was kill'd 
Jan^- y 11^1716. 

Carolina y* Wife of y' said John Norris died 
his Widow many years after. 

About this time 1 this Branch of y e Norris 
Family purchas'd y' Reversion of y' Witching- 
ham Estate lately belonging to y* LeNeves — who 
afterwards, disputed y" Legality of y* purchase, 
but after going thro' both Houses, it was decided in 
y" House of Lords in favor of y* Norris Family — 
of which part I am about to give a farther Account. 

1 It was John Norris of Whitton, the Barrister at Law, men- 
tioned on page 16, father of the above John, who purchased 
the Reversion of the Witchingham Estate. (Note by A. A ufrire.) 

20 Genealogical Notes 

John Norris of Witton and Witchingham Esq- 
was y- only Son & Heir of John Norris & Carolina 
Playters his Wife; he was Born in Feb- 10- 
1710, 11 — He was admitted a Fellow of Gonville 
& Caius College Cambridge in y e Year 1728; 
soon after which he came into y e Possession of 
y' Estate already mentioned. 

He Married Anna, Daught- of Tho ! Carthew of 
Benacre in Suffolk Esq ! by whom he had Issue 
one Son & one Daught- leaving y e latter only 
half a year Old, for he died Oct- y e 7- 1735— 
and was buried at Witton. 

Y* said Anna Carthew was y e Daught 1 of Tho ? 
Carthew by his first Wife Daught- of S- Tho- 
Powys Kn- in y e Reign of Queen Anne and one 
of y e Judges. — The said Tho- Carthew Married 
a second Wife by whom he left one Son, from whom 
are descended y e pres- Branch of Carthews. 

He left also ano L Daught- by his first Wife, Mar- 
ried to Counsellor Gardiner of Norwich, by whom 
she had one only Daught- Married to Tho s Berney 
Bramston Eq- many years Member for Essex. 

Y e above mention'd Son of Tho- Carthew, 
Married Miss Morden, Niece of Col- Morden 
afterwards S 1 Will- Harbord, & Cousin German 
to y e pres- Lord Sumeld, — by Her he had several 
Sons & Daught-. 

Y* Living of Frettenham is now held by y e Rev- 
Mcrden Carthew being y e gift of Lord Suffield. 

1 This daughter was Anna, married in 1756 to Anth: Aufrere 
Esq!. (Note by A. A ufrere. ) 

Extract from the Parentalia 21 

John Norris, Son & Heir of John Norris by 
Anna Carthew, was Born April 1734, was Educated 
at Eton School and from thence removed to 
Trinity Coll^ Cambridge being admitted Fellow 
Commoner. In 1762 He was put into y e Com- 
mission of y* peace for y e County of Norfolk & 
was High Sheriff of y e same County in 1766. 

He married Nov L y? 14 1758, Elizabeth Play ters, 
Daught- of John Playters of Yelverton Esq- & 
Grand Daught- of S- John Playters Bar'; to 
whom he was second Cousin, his G- Mother being 
S- John's Sister. She bore him one Son who died 
at Witchingham an Infant; and falling into ill 
health she died Dec- y e 1- 1769 in y e 28- year 
of her Age. She was carried to Bristol, to Corn- 
wall, & last of all to Portugal from whence she 
return'd apparently better for a time. She was 
y e Grand Daught- of S- John Turner of Warham 
in Norfolk Baronet, by her Mother's Side. She 
was Buried at Witton. — 

The above John Norris Married for his second 
Wife, Charlotte Townshend Daught- of y e Hon b -^ 
Edw- Townshend then Dean of Norw- ; they were 
Married on y e 5- of May 1773. She died the 
5^ January 1777 — 

By this Wife he left one Daught- Charlotte 
Laura Norris, Born Oct- 1776 and married 18 
Nov- i?q6 to John Wodehouse Esq- eldest son 6* 
heir of Sir John W. Bar' of Kimberley in Norf: 
who in Ocf iygy was created Lord Wodehouse. t 

' Words in italics added by A. Aujrlre. 

a Genealogical Notes 

The additions to the Parentalia are made by 
Anthony, eldest son of Anthony Aufrere late of 
Hoveton St. Peter in the Co. of Norfolk Esquire, by 
Anna his Wife, only daughter of the John N orris 
mention 'dp. 20. 

In page 15 Mr. Norris mentions Jeremy, third 
son of Francis Norris, but gives no further account 
of him or his Descendants. 

What little I can add is that this branch of the 
family profess'd the Catholic religion, residing 
upon a very pretty estate at Colney near Norwich, 
which was sold many years since to a Norwich 
manufacturer. I have a faint recollection of the 
death of old M r Norris of Colney, who must have 
been Grandson of the Jeremy third son of Francis 
Norris, and consequently second cousin to my 
grandfather John N. mention'd page 20. This old 
M r Norris of Colney left a son, Jeremy, whom I 
have often seen when I was at school at Norwich 
where he resided. I also remember going, when 
I was about 12 years old, with my Mother, to pay 
a bridal visit to the wife of this Jeremy Norris, 
who was Miss Tasburgh, of a very ancient Catholic 
family at Bodney near Swaffham in Norfolk. M r 
Norris afterwards sold the Colney estate, and must 
have died many years since, for he was far from 
young when he married. Whether he left children 
I have never had an opportunity of learning. 

Mention is made in p. 15 of Anthony Norris, 
6 th Son of Francis Norris, brother of John and 

Extract from the Parentalia 23 

Jeremy. In the next page it is said that a daugh- 
ter of Francis Norris left her fortune to her nephew 
Stephen son of her brother Anthony Norris. It 
is presumed that this Stephen was Grandfather of 
Anthony Norris of Barton in Norf : Esq- the last 
representative of this the youngest branch of the 
house of Norris. His father was a Clergyman, 
but the son was educated for the Bar, & from 
Cambridge proceeded to the Temple, became a 
Barrister, and settled at Norwich, but having an 
ample patrimony, he never practised. He early 
in life married Miss Sarah Custance of a trading 
family at Norwich, by whom he had one son who 
died when he had reach 'd manhood, but long 
before his father. Mr. Norris after his father 
Stephen's decease resided at Barton, acted as a 
Magistrate and was one of the Chairmen of the 
Quarter-sessions. Dying at Norwich in 1785 
he left all his fortune to his Wife for life, and after 
her death which soon took place, to his Wife's 
nieces (the wife of Sir Tho s Durrant Bar- & her 
sister Sarah Custance, Spinster) thus without any 
reason disinheriting his relations of the Norris line. 
But his intellects were much weakened in his latter 
years, and the influence of a wife who had always 
govern'd him, with the flattery and subserviency of 
the nieces, prevailed over his partiality to his name 
and family. 

The M r Jeremy Norris mention'd in page 22 
had a Pedigree made out as follows; but I cannot 

24 Genealogical Notes 

answer for its correctness, nor do I know if it is 
enter'd in the Herald's office. 

Temp. Edward the first, [in the latter part of the 
13 th Century] there was a John Norris of Speke in 

Allayne Norris, son & heir. 

Allayne Norris, son & heir. 

William Norris, son & heir. 

Sir Henry Norris. Temp. Edward the 3 d . 

Sir Henry Norris, son & heir. 

Sir John Norris, d°. 

Sir Henry Norris, d°. 

John Norris of Bray, 2 d Son. 35 th Edw- d the 3 d . 

Tho s Norris, son & heir, of Bray. Died temp. 

Richard 2 d . 

Roger Norris brother & heir to Thomas. 8 th 
Henry 4 th . 

Tho s Norris, son & heir, & Lord of Speke. 
Henry 5 th . 

William Norris son & heir. Henry 6 th . 

Henry Norris, Lord of Speke, d°. 13 of Henry 
7' h . 

It appears that he had several sons, from one of 
whom, call'd Francis Norris of Rycot, descended 
the Titus Norris, mention'd in page 1, Grand- 
father of Francis Norris by whom the family name 
was carried on in three branches, all now extinct. 

Extract from the Parentalia 25 

Of the Carthew family mention 'd p. 20. 

One of this family, of long standing in Cornwall, 
was a Barrister of eminence in London and publish 'd 
reports of Cases which are still frequently referr'd 
to. He it was probably who purchased a con- 
siderable estate at Benacre in Suffolk, near the Sea 
and between Woodbridge (where he had another 
handsome property, with the Manor and the advow- 
son) and Lowestoft. One of his descendants 
(my mother's maternal grandfather) married a 
Daughter of Sir Thomas Powys Kn-, one of the 
Judges in the reign of Queen Anne, and whose 
brothers at the same period filled the same high 
office. By this marriage M r Carthew had three 
Daughters: The eldest married Stephen Gardiner 
Esq r a Barrister at Norwich, and left one child who 
became the wife of Thomas Berney Bramston of 
Skreens near Chelmsford in Essex Esqr. which 
county he long represented in parliament. His 
sons, M r B. of Skreens, and the Rev d Bramston 
Stane (whose daughter married M r W m Beckford) 
are consequently second cousins to the writer of this. 

The second daughter of M r Carthew was the 
wife of John Norris (p. 20) — and the third eloped 
with and married a Coachman of her father's, 
named Losson, who treated her so ill that she 
died of a broken heart, leaving a son and several 
daughters, who were principally supported by 
their relations on the mother's side, but who turn 'd 
out ill and have been long since left to their fate. 

26 Genealogical Notes 

By this marriage of my Grandfather Norris 
with a Granddaughter of Sir Thomas Powys 
his Descendants became nearly connected with 
the several branches of Powys — and particularly 
with those of Lilford, Northamptonshire, (now 
honour 'd with the Peerage as Lord Lilford) — of 
Hardwicke in Oxfordshire — and Hintlesham in 
Suffolk, now extinct, the last male heir having 
left only two Daughters (by his wife Lady Mary 
Brudenel) the late Countess of Courtown & the 
late Viscountess Sydney. 

One of the daughters of the above Judge Sir 
T. Powys, called Jane, lived a great number of 
years in Conduit street, Hanover Square, and was 
very kind to me her great-great Nephew. She 
was a stately venerable old Lady, much attached 
to her name and her connections, by whom she was 
much considered. She left the bulk of her fortune 
to her nearest relations, the Rev d M r Powys, of the 
Hardwicke branch, afterwards Dean of Canterbury ; 
but she also left several Legacies, and amongst 
others, the sum of ^2000 to my Mother. She 
died in 1 782 considerably above fourscore years of 

There was little or no intercourse between the 
Powys families and ours, though there seems to 
have been no backwardness on their parts, when 
circumstances threw us in their way. Upon my 
mother's application to Lady Sydney for her good 
offices in respect to my poor brother Charles on his 
going into the Navy, she exerted herself whenever 

Extract from the Parentalia 27 

it was required, and had obtained from Earl 
Spencer, then at the head of the Admiralty, a 
promise of promotion to the rank of Commander 
as soon as the frigate Lutine, of which he was first 
Lieutenant, should return from a mission to the 
Texel — an event which did not take place, the ship 
having been lost on the Vlie islands in the Texel, 
the very day she had saild from Yarmouth — 
October 1799, when every soul unfortunately 

Dining in 1798 at the Duke of Buccleuch's at 
Dalkeith, his eldest son's wife, Lady Dalkeith the 
beautiful & admirable Daughter of Lady Sydney, 
address'd me as her Cousin; and when my son 
was at a private tutor's at Canterbury he received 
kind attentions from his relative Dean Powys. 

The sister of the first Lord Lilford, married 
M r Doughty of Han worth in Norfolk, and came to 
reside there, which occasioned some friendly 
intercourse and visiting between our family and 
theirs. M r and M rs Doughty died a few years 
since, leaving no children. 

The Hev d M r Powys, another of the Hardwicke 
line, married Miss Palgrave, one of the daughters of 
a respectable merchant at Yarmouth andColtishall, 
and when at the latter place on a visit, civilities 
passed between his family and ours. He resided 
upon his Living of Fawley near Henley in Oxf ordsh : 
and died there in — leaving several children. 

I now return to the M r Carthew, father of the 
three Ladies mentioned p. 25, and who after the 

28 Genealogical Notes 

death of his first wife, greatly misallied himself and 
disgraced his family, by taking to wife a female 
servant, who I think was his Cook. This unfor- 
tunate step proved cruelly detrimental to his three 
Daughters; for she brought forth a son, whom he 
made heir to his estates, and whom he left a minor. 
When he came of age the estate was found so 
burthend with debts and with the provision made 
on his father's first marriage, for the Daughters, 
that it was necessary to sell the Benacre estate, 
which was purchased by Sir Tho s Gooch. 

The young Carthew was educated at Cambridge, 
enter' d into holy orders, presented himself to his 
own Rectory of Woodbridge, and very early in life 
married Miss Morden daughter of the Rev d 
M r Morden, of the ancient family of Morden of 
Sufheld in Norfolk, now merged in that of Har- 
bord, Lord Suffield. By this Lady the Rev d 
M r Carthew had a numerous family, to which 
he added considerably (I believe 18 in all) by 
marriage with two other Ladies, all of whom 
he survived, and died in 1791 aged about 60. 
His eldest son, W m C. was a distinguished officer 
in the Navy, and died in 1826 a superanuated 
Admiral, possess'd of the Woodbridge Estate 
which he had purchased of a Gentleman who had 
bought it when^offer'd for sale upon the death of 
the Rev d M r Carthew. 

Another of this Clergyman's sons, called Morden 
was also in orders and was presented by his Cousin 
the first Lord Suffield to the living of Frettenham, 

Extract from the Parentalia 29 

which he afterwards exchanged for Mattishall 
(both in Norfolk) where he died in 1827, leaving 
a widow (Miss Pike before marriage) and several 

Of the other sons & daughters of the Rev d 
M r Carthew of Woodbridge, I have little to say- 
more than that, of the sons, some were in the 
Church, some in the Law and some in the army & 
navy and conducted themselves respectably, and 
to their advantage, and that, of the Daughters, one 
married the Rev? M r Borton, Rector of Blofield, 
Norfolk, another marr d M r Cokett a beneficed 
Clergyman in Norfolk, that another married Lieut' 
Fuller of the R. Artillery, and that at this time 
(1828) there are five others residing at Ipswich in 
Suffolk in a state of single blessedness. 



( Unless otherwise noted, the pages referred to in this Index are in 
Part I of the volume.) 

Aboyne, Earl of, 69 
Aldrich, George, 80 
Alexander, Mary (m. P. V. B. 

Livingston), 74 
Allin, Sir Ashurst, ii., 18 

Sir Thomas, ii., 18 

Amsincq, Sarah (m. I. A. 

Aufrere), 52 
Ancaster, Earl of, 84 
Ansell, John, ii., 12 

Mathew, ii., 8 

Armistead, Judith (m. R. 

Carter), 30 

Lucy (m. T. Nelson), 29 

Armstrong, E. Maitland, 15 
Aufrere, Amelia Jane, 60 

Anna, 58 

Anthony (1704-1781), 54, 

Anthony (1757-1833), 43, 

Antoine (living in 1574), 

Antoine (living in 1622), 


Antoine (living in 1701), 


Caroline (m. J. Flavell), 

Charles Gastine (1770- 

1799), 60 

Etienne, 50 

George (d. inf.), 58 

George Anthony (1794- 

i88i),57, 62 " 

Aufrere, George John (1769- 

), 60 
George Rene (1715-1801), 


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Israel Antoine, 52 

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John, d. inf., 58 

Louisa (m. G. R. Min- 

shull), 59 
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G. Barclay), 43, 57 
Magdalene (m. S. Grove), 


Maria (m. P. Squires), 61 

Marieanne (m. P. DuVal), 


Philip DuVal, 60 

Philippa Norris, 60 

Pierre, 50 

Sophia (m. C. A. Pelham), 

Sophia (m. M. Dawson), 


Susannah, 58 

Thomas Norris, 60 

Bache, Theophylact, 34 
Baker, Caroline, 59 

Charles John, 59 

Charlotte, 59 

Edward, 59 

Emily, 59 

Fanny (m. W. Greenlaw), 





Baker, George, 59 
Harriet (m. R. B. Green- 
law), 59 

Henry, 59 

Louisa, 59 

Marianne, 59 

Richard, 59 

Robert, 59 

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Anthony ( 1755- 1805), 36 

Anthony (1 792-1877), 41 

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Catharine (m. A. Van 

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Catharine (d. inf.), 37 

Charlotte Amelia (m. R. 

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Clement Horton, 41 

Cornelia (m. S. De Lancey 

and Sir H. Lowe), 37 
Cornelia Cochrane (m. 

S. M. Barclay), 36, 42 
Cornelia Elizabeth Stew- 
art (d. inf.), 42 

De Lancey, 40 

Eliza (m. P. S. Livingston) , 


Fanny M. (m. W. Con- 
stable), 36 

George, 4*-45, 57 

Gurney, 40 

Helena (m. T. Moncrieffe), 


Henry (1 712-1764), 34-36 

Henry (d. unm.), 34 

Henry (1794-1863), 36 

Henry (1778-1851), 39 

Henry A., 36 

Henry, A. W., 42 

James (1750-1791), 34 

James Lent, 36 

Barclay, John (d. unm.), 34 

John ( -1779), 35 

Maria (m. Simon Frazer), 

Matilda Antonia (m. F. 

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Sackett Moore, 36 

Sarah (m. A. Lispenard), 

Susan (m. P. G. Stuy- 

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Thomas ( -1725), 33. 


Thomas (d. inf.), 34 

Thomas (about 1 738- 


Thomas Edmund (1783- 

1838), 40 
Thomas H. (1 753-1830), 

36, 37-39 

Walter Channing, 40 

Bate, Arabella (m. G. R. 

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Bayley, Richard (1745-1801), 

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John (1856-1893), 16 

John, Jr. (1887- ), 16 

Maud, 16 

Melanchthon Woolsey, 

Bramston, Thomas Berney, 

ii., 20, 25 
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Breese, Anne (m. Lord A. 

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Ancaster), 84 



Breese, William Lawrence 

( -1888), 84 
William Lawrence, Jr. 

(1883- ), 84 
Breviter, Gregory, ii., 7 
Brewer, Nathaniel, ii., 4 
Brown, Alexander (1796- 1864), 

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Gertrude Elizabeth (m. 

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— — Theophilus, 18 
Bulkley, Edward Henry, 16 
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William (1 759-1 822), 21 

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Carthew, Anna (m. J. Norris) , 

ii., 20 

Morden, ii., 20, 28 

Thomas, ii., 20, 25, 27 

William, ii., 28 

Chanler, John Armstrong, 13 
Channing, Catharine Smith 

(m. T. E. Barclay), 40 
Cheesman, Anna E. (m. Fran- 
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Clark, Catharine Wolfe (m. 

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Erminie Marie (m. J. 

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Colden, Cadwalader, 48 
Elizabeth (m. P. De Lan- 

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Constable, William, 36 
Corville, Chevalier de, 52 
Cox, John, 49 
Mary (m. Jacob Morris), 

Cruger, John Harris, 48 
Cubitt, Henry, ii., 4 

Richard, ii., 4 

Sarah, ii., 4 



distance, Sarah (m. A. Norris), 

"-, 23 
Cutting, Giles, 55 

Dawson, Caroline, 58 

Charlotte, 58 

Frederick, 58 

Harriet (m. C. Shard), 58 

Henry, 58 

Matilda, 58 

Sophia, 58 

William, 54, 58 

William (1790- ), 58 

Dehon, Ann (m. S. Wheaton), 

De Lancey, Alice (m. R. Izard), 

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Anne (m. J. Watts), 48 

Charlotte (m. Sir D. Dun- 
das), 48 

Elizabeth (m. J. Cox), 49 

Etienne, 46 

James (1703- 1760), 47 

James, 49 

Jane (m. J. Watts, Jr.), 49 

John (1716-1741), 47 

John, 48 

Oliver (1717-1785), 47 

Oliver, Jr., 48 

Philadelphia (m. S. P. 

Galway), 48 

Peter (1705-1770), 37. 47 

Peter, 49 

Stephen, 36, 48 

Stephen (17 13-1 745). 47 

Stephen, 48 

Susan (m. W. Draper), 

Susan (m. T. Barclay), 

Susanna (m. P. Warren), 

William Heathcote, 47 

Douglas, Sir George, 66 
Margaret (m. J. Lock- 
hart), 66 
Draper, Sir William, 48 

Drauyer, Andries (living 1674), 


Anna (or Johanna) Doro- 
thea (m. T. Barclay), 33 

Dundas, Sir David, 48 

Durrant, Sir Thomas, ii., 23 

DuVal, Mary, 55 

Philip, M.D., 55 

Philip, D.D. (1732-1808), 


Edgar, Amy (m. J. Norris of 
Witton), ii., 16 

Stephen, ii., 16 

Eglinton, Earl of, 67 

Ellison, Elizabeth (m. C. Col- 
den), 48 

Thomas, 48 

Elwes, R. Cary, 56 

Fairfield. Mary (m. Gurney 
Barclay, De Lancey 

Barclay, and 

Steuart), 40 

Fellows, Georgia Ann (m. F. 
R. Rives, Jr.), 15 

Fish, Hamilton, 74 

Julia (m. W. L. Breese), 84 

Fitch, Mary Elizabeth (m. 
R. C. M. Page), 28 

Flavell, Agnes, 58 

Francis, 59 

John Webb, 59 

Josiah, 58 

Thomas, 59 

Frankling, Richard, ii., 3 

Franks, Philadelphia (m. O. 
De Lancey), 47 

Frazer, Simon, 40 

Fry, Henry, 25 

Joshua, 26 

Fyfe, William, 40 

Galway, Stephen Payne, 48 
Gardiner, Stephen, ii., 20, 25 
Gastine, Marieanne de (m. A. 

Aufrere), 55 
George, Ann (m. P. DuVal), 56 
Gervaise, Antoinette (m. A. 

Aufrere), 52 



Gibson, Julia (m. M. Borland), 

Gilmer, George, 23 

George, Jr. ( -1795), 26 

Thomas Walker, 26 

Glen, Ann Matilda Waldburg 

(m. A. Barclay), 42 
Gooch, Jeremy, ii., 14, 17 
Susanna (m. F. Norris), 

ii., 14 
Gordon, Ann (m. Dr. D. King), 


John, 69 

Graham, Lelia (m. C. H. 
Page), 27 

Green, Florence (m. A. Whit- 
ing), 81 

Greenlaw, Richard Bathurst, 


William, 59 

Gregory, Elizabeth (m. R. 
Thornton), 24 

Roger, 24 

Gnfhn, William Preston, 74 

Grove, Samuel, 54 

Grymes, Lucy (m. T. Nelson), 


Mary (m. R. Nelson), 30 

Gyles, Anne, ii., 5 
Robert, ii., 5 

Halsted, Caleb 0., 75 

Lucy (m. J. Kean), 75 

Hamilton, Janet (m. J. Lock- 
hart), 65 
Hardenbroek, Catharina (m. 

J. Roosevelt), 34 
Harding, Elizabeth Octavia 

(m. G. Baker), 59 
Hare, Elizabeth Emlen (m. G. 
B. Rives), 18 

J. Montgomery, 18 

Havemeyer, Carlotta, 82 

Florence Hildegarde, 82 

Frederic Christian, 82 

Henry Osborne, 82 

Henry Osborne, Jr., 82 

Heathcote, Anne (m. J. De 

Lancey), 47 
Heneage, Thomas, 57 

Herron, Emily Collins (m. G. 
Parsons), 83 

Hildreth, James, 78 

Lucy (m. W. Whiting), 78 

Richard, 78 

Zechariah, 78 

Hobson, Mary Anna (m. Mann 
Page), 28 

Hooper, George, 19 

Rachel (m. N. Cabell), 19 

Hoops, Margaret (m. J. Wal- 
ker, Jr.), 26 

Hopkins, Mary (m. J. Cabell), 

Hornsby, Joseph, 26 

Houston, Fannie (m. T. Nel- 
son), 29 

Innes-Ker, Lord Alastair, 84 
Izard, Ralph, 48 

Jay, Frederick, 35 
Jenney, Sir Arthur, ii., 16 

Francis, ii., 16 

Jones, Elizabeth Brierson (m. 

J. Cabell), 20 

Thomas, 47 

Jordan, Margaret (m. W. 

Cabell), 20, 21 

Paulina (m. J. Cabell), 20 

Samuel, 20 

Kean, Alexander Livingston, 

Caroline Morris (m. G. L. 

Rives), 17, 75 
Christine (m. W. P. Grif- 
fin), 74 

Christine Griffin (m. W. 

E. Roosevelt), 76 

Elizabeth d'Hauteville, 


Hamilton Fish, 76 

John ( -1795), 73. 74 

John (1814-1895), 74 

John (1852- ), 75 

John (1888- ), 76 

Julia (m. H. Fish), 74 

Julian Halsted, 76 

Lucy Halsted, 76 



Kean, Peter Philip James, 74 

Robert Winthrop, 76 

Susan Livingston, 75 

Kinloch, Francis, 25 

King David, ( -1894), 15 

David, M.D., 15 

Maud Gwendolen (m. E. 

M. Armstrong), 15 
Philip W. R., 15 

Le Clerc, Catherine (m. A. 
Aufrere), 51 

Lent, Anna (m. A. Barclay), 

Lievens, Annetje (m. G. G. 
Van Schaick), 34 

Lindsay, Reuben, 26 

Lispenard, Anthony, 34 

Livingston, Eliza Glass, 39, 41 

Peter Schuyler, 39 

Peter Van Brugh, 73-75 

Philip, 73 

Robert, 73 

Schuyler, 39 

Susan (m. J. Kean), 73 

William, 75 

Loccard, Malcolm, 63, 64 

Simon, 63 

Stephen, 63 

Lockhart, Alexander, 64 

Alexander, Lord Coving- 
ton, 68 

Alexander, Rev., 68 

Alexander, Sir, 72 

Allan, 64 

Allan ( -1547). 65 

Charles ( -1802), 71 

Charles ( -1796), 71 

Charles Sarah ( -1774), 

7 2 

Clementina (m. J. Gor- 
don), 69 

Clementina, 71 

Euphemia (m. Earl of 

Wigton), 69 

George, Sir ( -1688), 


George, 67, 68 

George (1 700-1 761), 68 

George (1 726-1 761), 69 

Lockhart, Grace (m. Earl of 
Aboyne), 67 

James, Sir ( -1502), 65 

James, 65 

James, Sir, 65 

James, Lord Lee, 65, 66 

James, Colonel (1707- 

1749). 69 

James, Count( -1790), 

57, 69-71 

James ( -179°). 7* 

James ( -1793). 72 

John, of Bar, 64 

John, Sir, 67 

Margaret (m. Allan Lock- 
hart), 64 

Maria Theresa (m. Sir C. 

Lockhart Ross), 71 

Marianne Matilda (m. A. 

Aufrere), 57, 71 

Mary (m. J. Rattray), 


Matilda (m. J. Lockhart), 


Matilda (m. Camp- 
bell), 71 

Matilda, 71 

Norman, 68 

Norman, 72 

Philadelphia, 72 

Philip, 67 

William, General, 66 

William, Admiral, 68 

Longworth, Joseph, 5 

Landon Rives, 5 

Maria (m. G. W. Nichols 

and Bellamy Storer), 5 

Nicholas, 5 

Lynar, Alexander, Furst von 

und zu, 83 

Ernst, 83 

George, 83 

Jane, 83 

Lynsey, Edward, ii., 8 
Edward, Jr., ii., 12 

Macetier, Claire (m. P. Au- 
frere), 50 

Macmurdo, Phillis (m. N. 
Lockhart), 72 



Macmurdo, Sarah Catharine 
(m. A. L. Rives), 12 

McNiel, Jane (m. Sir Alexan- 
der Lockhart) , 72 

Maury, Mathew, 26 

Meade, Richard Kidder, 7 

Meredith, Margaret (m. W. 
Cabell), 19 

Meriwether, Ann Kinloch (m. 
Fred. W. Page), 27 

Nicholas, 24 

Milner-Gibson, Jasper Joseph 
Alexander, 83 

Minshull, George Rowland, 59 

Moncrieffe, Thomas, 35 

Monk, George, ii., 17 

John, ii., 17 

Samuel, ii., 17 

Montgomery, Euphemia (m. 
G. Lockhart), 67 

Moore, Elizabeth (m. J. Wal- 
ker), 35 

Sarah (m. H. Barclay), 36 

Moray, Earl of, 69 

Morris, Jacob, 74 

Lewis, 74 

Nannie Watson (m. T. 

W. Page), 28 

Sarah Sabina (m. P. P. J. 

Kean), 74 

Murray [Miss] (m. J. Lock- 
hart), 71 

Nelson, Carter, 32 
Elizabeth (m. Thomp- 
son), 31 

Frances Edmonia, 32 

Hugh (of Penrith, Eng.), 


Hugh (1750- ), 26, 31 

Jane Byrd (m. F. Walker), 


Judith (m. T. Nelson), 32, 

Lucy (m. E. Pendleton), 


Maria, 32 

Mary (m. Edmund Berke- 
ley), 29 

Nathaniel (1745- ),30 

Nathaniel (1786- ), 32 

Nelson, Robert, 30 

Sally (m. R. Burwell), 29 

Thomas (1677-1745), 29 

Thomas (1 716-1782), 29 

Thomas (1738-1789), 30 

Thomas (1780- ), 31 

William (1711-1772), 29 

William (1754- ), 30 

Nichols, George Ward, 5 
Niemcewicz, Count Julian, 74 
Norris, Amey, ii., 18 

Anna (m. A. Aufrere), 57; 

ii., 20 

Anne, ii., 8 

Anthony (1635- ), ii., 


Anthony, of Barton ( 

-1785), ii., 23 

Carolina (m. Ewen), ii., 18 

Charlotte Laura (m. J. 

Wodehouse), ii., 21 

Edward (1602- ),ii.,6 

Edward (1634- ), ii., 


Elizabeth (m. N. Brewer), 

ii., 4 
Elizabeth (m. G. Brevi- 

ter), ii., 7 
Elizabeth ( -1638, 

unm.), ii., 9 
Elizabeth (m. S. Monk), 

ii., 17 
Francis (1599-1666), ii., 

6, 13-15 
Francis (1642, d. inf.), ii., 


Francis (1643- ), ii., 15 

Francis ( about 1655- 

.), ii-, 17 

Francis of Rycot, ii., 24 

Hannah, ii., 9 

Jeremy (1630- ), ii., 

15, 22 
Jeremy (about 1760), ii., 


John (1564-1618), ii., 3, 5 

John (1590- ), ii., 5 

John (1605-1637), ii., 6, 7 

John (about 1635- ), 

ii., 9 



Norris, John (1627-1701), ii., 

John ( -1716), ii., 17- 

John (I7"-I735)» "•> l8 > 


John (1734- ), ii., 21 

Judith (m. E. Lynsey), 

ii., 8 
Mary (m. R. Frankling), 

ii-, 3 

Mary (m. M. Ansell), ii., 8 

Mathew, ii., 6 

Oliver, ii., 17 

Peter, ii., 3 

Robert (1607- ), ii., 7 

Robert (1632- ), ii., 15 

Sarah (m. R. Cubitt), ii., 4 

Sarah (1 593-161 1, unm.), 

ii., 7 

Stephen, ii., 16, 23 

Susan (1604-1638, unm.), 

ii., 8 
Susan (m. Green), ii., 

Susanna (m. G. Bootie), 

ii-, 3 
Susanna (living in 1639), 

Thomas (living in 1583), 

"., 3 
Thomas (1598-1665), ii., 

6, 10-13 

Thomas (1629- ),ii., 15 

Thomas (about 1655- 

),"., 17 

Thomasine (m. T. Brown), 

ii., 17 

Thomasine (m. Sir A. 

Allin), ii., 18 

Titus or Tytus (1536- 

1619), ii., 1-5 

Titus, ( -1579), Ji-i 3 

—Titus, (1 595-161 5), ii., 5 
-William, ii., 15 

North, Dudley, 56 

Page, Carter Henry, 27 

Charlotte Nelson, 28 

Ella, 27 

Page, Francis Walker, 27 

Frederick Winslow, 27 

Jane (m. Nathaniel Nel- 
son), 30, 31 

Jane Walker (1 828-1 845, 

unm.), 28 

John, 31 

John Cary (1 824-1 826), 


Judith (m. Hugh Nelson), 

Lucy Mann (m. N. Nel- 
son), 32 

Marn (of Rosewell), 31 

Mann (of Keswick), 27 

Mann (1831-1864), 28 

Maria, 27 

Richard Channing Moore, 


Thomas Walker, 28 

William Wilmer, 28 

Parsons, Amelia (m. Prince 
Lynar), 83 

Anne (1893- ), 84 

Anne Eliza Dennison (m. 

James Thomson), 84 

Edwin Morgan, 84 

Elizabeth (m. J. J. A. 

Milner-Gibson), 83 

Elizabeth, 83 

George McLellan (1818- 

1895), 82 

George McLellan (1880- 

),8 3 

Gustavus, 83 

Jane (m. J. A. Swan), 83 

Jane (d. inf.), 83 

John Herron, 83 

Joseph Olds, 84 

Louis, 84 

Mary (d. inf.), 84 

Mary Louise (m. W. L. 

Breese and H. V. Hig- 

gins), 84 

Sarah (d. inf.), 83 

Sarah (d. inf.), 83 

Susan Barclay (m. M. 

Ward), 41 
William Barclay (1828- 

1887), 41 



Parsons, William Burrington 

( -1869), 41 
Pelham, Arabella (m. T. Hene- 

age), 57 
Caroline (m. R. C. Elwes), 


Charles, 56 

Charles Anderson, 56 

Charlotte (m. W. Ten- 

nant), 56 

George, 57 

Georgiana (m. B. Dash- 
wood), 57 

Lucy, 56 

Sophia (m. D. North), 56 

Pendleton, Edmund, 31 

Pitney, Caroline Louise (m. 
C. O. Halsted), 75 

Playters, Caroline or Carolina 
(m. John Norris, Jr., 
of Witton), ii., 18 

Elizabeth (m. John Norris 

of Witchingham), ii., 21 

Sir John, ii., 18, 21 

Pollard, Edward Alfred, 7 

Richard, 7 

Potts, Allen, 13 

Thomas Rives, 13 

Power, Louise Agnes (m. H. 
Sigourney), 13 

Powys, Sir Thomas, ii., 20 

Prescott, Elizabeth (m. Z. 
Hildreth), 78 

Fanny (m. R. Baker), 59 

Prevdt, Marie (m. A. Aufrere), 
^ 5i 

Rattray, Johr;, 69 

Reid, Margaret (m. T. Nelson), 

Rhinelander, Mary F. (m. W. 

C. Rives), 12 
Rives, Alexander, 8 

Alfred Landon, 12, 13 

Alice, 12 

Am61ie Louise (m. H. 

Sigourney), 13 
Amelie Louise (m. J. A. 

Chanler and Prince P. 

Troubetskoy), 13 

Rives, Anna Maria (m. J. 

Longworth), 5 

Arthur Landon, 12 

Constance Evelyn (m. J. 

Borland), 16 

Edward, 6 

Elizabeth, 8 

Ella (1834-1892, unm.), 13 

Ella Louisa (m. D. King), 


Francis Bayard ( 1 890- 

), 18 
Francis Robert (1822- 

1891), 11, 13-15, 45 
Francis Robert, Jr. (1853- 

1890), 15 

George (1802- 1874), 7 

George Barclay (1874- 

), 18, 75 
George Lockhart (1849- 

). 15, 17, 75. 82 
Gertrude (m. Allen Potts), 


Helen Mildred, 17 

Henry, 7 

James B., 7 

Landon Cabell (1790- 

1870), 5 

Landon Cabell, Jr., 5 

Lucy Shands (m. A. 

Brown), 6 

Margaret (m. R. King), 5 

Margaret Jordan (1792- 

1862, unm.), 6 
Maud Antonia (m. W. B. 

Smith), 16 

Mildred Sara, 18 

Paulina Cabell (m. R. 

Pollard), 7 
Reginald Bulkley (1890- 

), 17 

Reginald William (1861- 

), 16 

Robert (1764- 1845), 4 

Robert (1798- 1869), 7 

William ( -1775), 4 

William Cabell (i793~ 

1868), 6, 8-1 1 
William Cabell, Jr. (1825- 

1889), 11 



Rives, William Cabell (1850- 
), 12 

Robinson, Beverley, 30, 39 

Beverley, Jr., 37, 38 

John, 30 

Susan (m. R. Nelson), 30 

Rose, Judith Scott (m. L. 
Cabell), 22 

Roosevelt, Alice (m. N. Long- 
worth), 5 

Christine Kean (m. J. E. 

Shelley), 76 

— — George Emlen, 76 

Helena (m. Andrew Bar- 
clay), 34 

Jacobus, 34 

James Alfred, 76 

John Kean, 76 

Lucy Margaret, 76 

Philip James, 76 

Theodore, 76 

William Emlen, 76 

Ross, Sir Charles Lockhart, 71 

Sir John Lockhart, 67 

Matilda (m. Sir T. Coch- 
rane), 71 

Rutgers, Anthony, 36 

Mary (m. T. Barclay), 36 

Schuyler, Alida (m. N. Van 
Rensselaer and R. Living- 
ston), 73 

Gertrude (m. S. Van 

Cortlandt), 46 

Philip, 73 

Sears, David, 10 

Grace Winthrop (m. W. 

C. Rives), 10 

Sewster, Robina (m. Sir W. 
Lockhart), 66 

Sforza, Count Riario, 68 

Shands, Lucy (m. W. Rives), 4 

Priscilla, 4 

William, 4 

Shard, Charles, 58 

Shelley, James E., 76 

Sigourney, Henry, 13 

Simpson, Henrietta (m. C. 
Pelham), 56 

1. Bridgeman, 56 

Sloane, Priscilla Dixon (m. J. 

L. Barclay), 36 
Smith, Evelyn Rives, 16 
Mary (m. A. Aufrere), 


Walker Breese, 16 

William Henry, 16 

Squires, Paul, 61 

Storer, Bellamy, 5 

Struthers, Elizabeth (m. R. 

W. Rives), 17 
Stuyvesant, Peter Gerard, 41 
Swan, Albert, 81 

Alexander, 80 

George, 81 

Gustavus, 79, 80 

James Andrews, 83 

Jane (m. G. M. Parsons), 


John, 79 

John (living in 1764), 80 

Joseph R., 83 

Sarah (m. A. Whiting), 

79. 81 

Syme, Sarah (m. S. J. Cabell), 

Taggart, Sarah (m. John Swan), 

Taliaferro [MissJ (m. W. Nel- 
son), 30 

Taylor, Katherine (m. R. 
Winthrop), 76 

Ten Eyck, Margaret (m. J. 
Barclay), 35 

Tennant, William, 56 

Thornton, Elizabeth (m. T. 
Walker), 25 

Mildred (m. T. Walker), 


Reuben, 24 

Tippet t, Martha (m. J. De- 

Lancey), 49 
Towles, Anna Maria (m. L. 

C. Rives), 5 
Townshend, Charlotte (m. 

John Norris of Witch- 

ingham), ii., 21 

Edward, ii., 21 

Troubetskoy, Prince Pierre, 13 



Tucker, Maria Farley (m. G. 

Rives), 7 
Turner, Sir John, ii., 21 

Van Brugh, Catherine (m. P. 

Livingston), 73 
Van Cortlandt, Anne (m. S. 

De Lancey), 46 

Augustus (1728-1823), 34 

Stephanus, 46 

Vandewater, Hendricke (m. 

Anthony Rutgers), 36 
Van Schaick, Gerritje (m. 

Andries Drawyer), 33 
Goosen Gerritse, 34 

Walker, Elizabeth (m. Mathew 

Maury), 26 

Francis, 26, 27 

Jane Frances (m. M. Page, 


John (171 1- ), 23 

John (1 744-1 809), 25 

Judith Page (m. W. C. 

Rives), 6, 28 

Lucy (m. G. Gilmer), 26 

Martha (m. G. Divers), 


Mary (m. N. Lewis), 25 

Mary Peachy (m. G. 

Gilmer), 23 
Mildred (m. J. Hornsby), 

Peachy (m. Joshua Fry), 


Reuben, 26 

Sarah (m. R. Lindsay), 26 

Susan (m. W. H. Smith), 


Susan (m. Henry Fry), 25 

Thomas (living in 1662), 

Thomas (living in 1709), 

Thomas (17 15-1794), 23- 


Thomas, Jr. (1749- ), 

Thomas Hugh (1800- 

1805), 27 

Walpoole, Diana (m. 1583), 

ii-, 3 
Ward, Montagnie, 41 
Washington, Augustine, 24 

George, 24 

Mildred (m. R. Gregory), 


Watson, Sally Kearsley (m. 
A. Rives), 8 

Watts, Catherine (m. H. Bar- 
clay), 40 

John, 49 

Robert, 40 

Wehrtmann, Caroline (m. G. 
A. Aufrere), 58, 62 

John Michael, 58 

Weir, Elizabeth (m. J. Lock- 
hart), 65 

Western, Amelia (m. Gustavus 
Swan), 80 

Wharton, Philadelphia (m. Sir 
G. Lockhart), 67 

Philip, Lord, 67 

Wheaton, Salmon, 15 

Sarah (m. Dr. D. King), 


Whiting, Alonzo (1802-d. inf.), 


Alonzo ( 1 804-1 828), 79 

Amelia (m. J. H. Davis), 

Augustus (1795-d. inf.), 


Augustus ( 1 796-1 873), 79, 


Augustus (1850- 1 894), 81 

Augustus (1878- d. inf.), 

Charlotte (m. H. O. Have- 

meyer), 81 

George, 82 

Henry Swan, 82 

Isaac Newton, 79 

Jane, 81 

Sara (m. G. L. Rives), 18 

William (1730- 1793), 78 

William (1762-1828), 77 

William (1785-1828), 79 

William Augustus (1847- 

d. inf.), 81 



Wickham, Alida (m. J. De 

Lancey), 58 
Wig ton, Earl of, 69 
Willing, Mary (m. W. Nelson), 


Willoughby de Eresby, Lord 

(see Ancaster), 84 
Wilmer, Richard H., 7 
-William Holland, 7 

Winthrop, Katherine (m. 

F. Kean), 76 

Robert, 76 

Wishart, Fergusia (m. 

Lockhart), 68 



Wishart, Sir George, 68 
Wodehouse, John, ii., 21 

Sir John, ii., 21 

Lord, ii., 21 

Wood, Helen Hall (m. J. H. 

Parsons), 83 
Wright, Clara O. (m. H. A. 

Barclay), 36 
Wydown, Isabella Bachem (m. 

A. Rives), 8 

Yarborough, Lord, 56 
Yates, Joseph C, 48